Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Missouri vs Arizona State (2011)

June 8th, 2012
Junior Onyeali Chiefs Draft

Junior Onyeali had an impressive night. (Photo: US Presswire)


KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

This was a fun game to watch. Being a Mizzou fan and covering their prospects for KCCD, this report will cover a few more names than usual. Arizona State has a few prospects that surprised as did the Tigers.

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#6 RB Cameron Marshall
-lines up nest to QB
-catches screen pass
-another catch out of the backfield, shows burst to get to the outside
-poor attempt at selling play fake
-changed direction, plants and goes
-hits hole hard, falls forward for the first down
-fights thru trash at LOS to pick up first down
-lets his blocks set up, picks up nice yardage
-runs too upright, gets blown up behind LOS
-runs thru arm tackles, plays with some power
-dropped screen pass, was too concerned about getting hit
-gets a big block downfield to free QB for TD

Overview: Bigger back with surprising burst. Not much else to his game. Made a few receptions, but dropped a few as well. An average prospect at this point.

#32 WR Jamal Miles
-Lined up in slot and in the backfield
-goes in motion from slot, fakes reverse
-from slot, sent in motion again, catches swing pass, shows off quickness
-lined up in backfield, took handoff off-tackle for first down
-from slot, made tough TD catch in traffic, showed very strong hands
-quick out of his breaks
-attempts to block from slot, gets flatbacked
-catches swing pass, can’t make defender miss in open field
-sent in motion, catches pass in the backfield, then throws a 30 yard TD pass. This play had a lot going on
-picks up yardage quickly
-from backfield, catches swing pass, finds small crease between multiple defenders to get the score
-muffed a late punt in a close game that Missouri recovered

Overview: Hadn’t paid much attention to Miles before this game, but I’ll keep an eye on him now. Am a fan of the many ways he can impact a game. In the right offense he could be a real weapon.

#90 DL Will Sutton*
-burst thru the line with powerful bull rush, but missed ball carrier in the backfield
-held up well vs double team, gave up little ground
-pressured Franklin up the middle, forced him into bad throw
-relentless worker
-on the field in passing situations primarily, collapses the pocket up the middle

Overview: Created pressure nearly every play with his relentless playing style. Looks like he is weight room strong from the way he pushed around Mizzou’s interior OL.

#5 DE/OLB Junior Onyeali*
-lined up at right and left DE and OLB occasionally
-short, athletic and powerfully built
-knows how to use his hands
-jolts left tackle back with a powerful punch
-broke down, read the option and tackled the QB for a loss
-beats LT to the corner with a speed rush, gets a hit on the QB
-uses speed to get to the QB again
-got into the backfield unblocked, but fails to make arm tackle
-very good at engaging and disengaging at full speed
-gets lower than LT and uses speed to get into backfield
-uses an effective spin move
-manhandled LT with bull rush, pushed him back with multiple jolts at least 10 yards

Overview: Really impressed with Junior. He was lined up against a first year starter at LT, but he worked him all game. He works into better shape and gets his head on straight, he could make some noise.

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