Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Missouri vs Arizona State (2011)

June 8th, 2012


#57 DE Brad Madison
-lined up majority of time at RDE, but did see LDE in 3 man fronts
-looked slow off the snap
-lined up as 9 technique
-explodes off snap, gets up field, uses spin move to get past defender
-loves to use the spin move
-another spin move, gets to QB, can’t make sack
-lined up at RDE spins directly into offensive guard
-no movement on double team
-at RDE, planted outside foot then darted inside, wasn’t touched getting to backfield
-held on multiple plays, but wasn’t called
-showed quickness on an inside stunt
-struggles to disengage the blocker, once he gets locked up he is usually done
-beat LT with a rip, nearly gets to the QB
-Shows off hustle late in the game with a sack

Overview: Hustle and work ethic are key for Madison. That’s not saying his skills are poor, but he’ll make it by outworking his opponents.

#47 DE Kony Ealy*
-lined up at right and left DE and DT in some passing situations
-Didn’t start this game, plays same position as Madison
-lined up at RDE, LT misses block Ealy gets TFL
-LT stands no chance with the speed to the inside, gets into the backfield instantly
-moves the pocket by driving the LT back with one arm
-Gets driven back like a car by LT
-Dropped back into coverage, looked lost in zone
-LDE in 3 man front, always moving up field
-lined up at DT, eats up 2 defenders on stunt, frees DE for QB pressure
-lined up at DT, dropped into zone coverage in middle of field

Overview: Compared to Aldon Smith in the Mizzou community, Kony is a special player. He finally gets the opportunity to start this fall. Should be a stat sheet filler.

#34 DT Sheldon Richardson
-lined up at DT and RDE in 3 man fronts
-Didn’t start this game
-Explodes off the snap
-ripped thru interior OL with ease
-nice job moving the pocket, made QB move his feet with the pressure
-takes a cheap shot after the play, gets flagged 15 yards unsportsmanlike
-looks unblockable at times
-fights thru double team, gets big hit on QB
-too quick off the line for the OL, makes huge stop behind LOS. Explodes!
-uses swim move with explosion off the snap

Overview: If Sheldon were a more consistent performer, he’d be in first round pick consideration. Probllem is he runs hot and cold. He fixes that, watch out.

#25 OLB Zaviar Gooden
-lined up at LOLB and some ROLB
-covers outside WR across the middle, nice job staying with him
-covered the slot, pressed WR 3 yards off the line
-Couldn’t get off block by OL
-showed attitude after play, getting into a shoving match
-very fluid in all his movements
-gets off a block, makes tackle on screen pass
-covers the slot, struggles to stay with man in coverage
-lined up on left side in 2 LB sets
-blanketed RB out of backfield
-at ROLB, guess the hole and guess wrong
-strong in zone coverage
-breaks down and makes tackle in short yardage situation
-at ROLB, makes open field tackle for small gain
-fights off block to get a late sack

Overview: Extremely athletic 4-3 OLB. Can stick with TE and RB like glue in coverage and is a willing tackler.

#85 WR Marcus Lucas*
-Lined up as outside WR
-long athlete
-made tough catch at goal line, but couldn’t get it across
-used in multiple jump ball situations in the endzone
-makes nice catch in traffic
-showed long speed on 50 yard reception

Overview: Big, long and lean. Would like to see Lucas bulk up in the next couple years. Is capable of being a dangerous deep threat and redzone WR.

#28 WR TJ Moe
-lined up in the slot
-made key block on long down field rune, locked on and drove his man out of the play
-makes catch in stride near sideline, stops on a dime causing defenders to run past him, picked up a few more yards
-uses his hands to catch the ball
-rarely lets first defender bring him down in space
-see’s QB in trouble, works to get open, makes catch downfield, then uses speed and agility to make multiple defenders miss
-catches screen pass and once again stops on a dime to let defenders go by, picked up another 5 yards
-dropped pass, felt defender coming hard behind him
-showed great balance after avoiding big hit, picked up extra yards

Overview: Prototypical slot WR in the NFL. Has the quicks and pass catching ability to fit in at next level. Can also make an impact in the return game.

#1 QB James Franklin*
-lined up in shotgun formation every play, except short yardage would get under center
-see’s pressure, remains calm and even changes arm angle to get the ball out
-on the move, throws off balance, places ball perfectly
-shows athleticism by beating pressure to corner, then turns on the jets for a big gain on the ground
-has nice play fake, hid ball well
-almost looks too smooth when he plays
-scans the field, rarely locks onto one WR
-pocket breaks down on third and long, looks downfield, pocket collapses, picks up tough first down on the ground
-runs like a bull, always falling forward
-had time to throw ball away or take off running, but takes the sack
-took big hit at goal line and fumbled
-nothing seems to get him flustered, very cool under pressure
-hits running back in stride for big gain
-stood tall in pocket, under pressure to deliver a perfect 30 yard TD pass
-placed ball perfectly where only his WR could catch it, low and outside
-shows big arm, hitting Lucas in stride for 50 yard gain

Overview: Very impressed with the young QB in this game. Hostile environment, brings his team back from large deficit. Dual threat QB with skills that translate to the next level.

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