Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Northern Illinois vs Kansas (2011)

June 13th, 2012

The Jayhawks Duane Zlatnik #67 and Huskies Jimmie Ward #15 were 2 of the spotlight players in this game. (Photo: US Presswire)


KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

Since it’s MAC week or #MACtion as the twitter world calls it, let’s take a look at one of the conferences finest. NIU features an All-Conference DE in Sean Progar and a handful of other prospects. Kansas, surprisingly enough, has some legit mid-late round talent on their roster. This game was a nail biter, let’s check out the stars.

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#7 WR Perez Ashford
-lined up as mainly outside WR, did show in the slot occasionally
-horrible block attempt on QB run, cast to the side quickly by DB
-gets to first down marker, adjusts body in air to make difficult grab
-outside WR, runs curl route, makes catch and picks up extra yardage after catch
-shows nice YAC (yards after catch) ability
-sent in motion, faked reverse often

Overview: Could become a special player this season. Could see hints of it in this game. Definitely one to watch, if not for the fact that he is an exciting MAC player.


#70 LG Logan Pegram
-effective at turning defenders whichever way he wants
-strong with the chip block and finding defender to block at next level
-quite often is off balance in pass blocking situations
-gets too deep in his pull, gets in RB way, RB has to adjust for no gain on the play
-whiffs on pass block, leads to heat on QB
-missed key block on LB in short yardage situation
-too upright at times
-puts DT on back in pass pro
-pulls to left, knocks OLB to the ground with big hit
-nice job selling screen pass, sold it well, then makes block to spring RB for extra yardage

Overview: Like his skills in the run game, then he lets a DT past him in pass protection. With the NFL becoming more of a passing league every day, he needs to shore that up quickly.

#95 DE Sean Progar
-lined up at LDE and RDE
-gets RT Hawkinson to overextend, pulls him off balance
-RDE, backs off into coverage
-throws RT to the ground
-works his way down the LOS, makes play for no gain
-lines up wide outside of LT at RDE
-gets little push on LT with attempted bull rush
-gets late hit penalty, throwing ball carrier down long after whistle
-manhandled by LT when lined up at RDE on multiple plays

Overview: For all the praise he receives in the MAC community, I didn’t see it. Wasn’t impressed with the preseason MAC DPOY. Maybe a move to OLB would be better for him.

#15 DB Jimmie Ward*
-lined up at CB, nickel, and SS. Also was on special teams coverage units
-lined up over TE
-violently takes on lead blocker, composes himself and makes tackle for little gain
-was beaten deep by #20, but had safety help to break up the pass
-trailed WR on crossing rte by at least 5 yards, was saved by WR dropping the ball
-QB begins to pick on him at RCB
-makes tackle in open field on speedy RB Pierson
-makes extremely athletic TD saving tip on long pass
-was beat on another deep ball, but the QB overthrew the wide open WR
-LCB, gives WR an 8 yard cushion
-comes up to make a tackle from in the box safety position

Overview: I’m intrigued by Ward. He makes an outstanding play, then let’s down the next. If he can become more consistent, watch out. Could be a special player.


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