Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Ohio St. vs Michigan (2011)

June 9th, 2012
Denard Robinson Chiefs Draft

Will Denard Robinson have to change positions in the NFL? (Photo: US Presswire)


KCCD Editor:  Jinx Allessio

This game brought me much heartbreak as a Buckeyes fan.  The Bucks had the Wolverines’ number for some time yet it was inevitable that the Wolverines’ were going to win once this century.  Each team has some draftable talent especially in the trenches.  That is often typical of any Big 10 rivalry.  

It is hard to analyze a game where you have so much emotion tied to it but you must leave your pride and fandom at the door.   Also, very hard to evaluate defending an electric player like Denard Robinson as he makes all defenders look mediocre.  

The same goes for defending Braxton Miller.  The amount of draftable prospects on the Wolverines is lacking currently yet they have  a lot of future prospects for the 2014 and 2015 draft on their roster.

University of Michigan Wolverines 

#16 ATH Denard Robinson

-Broke off long run, great vision and ability to get through traffic
-Electric in space, when in traffic has unique ability to create space
-Needs to do a better job recognizing side of field and which side to carry ball, carries it loose
-Rarely tackled by first defender
-His game gets better the bigger the game

Overall:  A very good athlete who will most likely have to convert to WR at the next level, possesses projectable YAC ability.

#12 WR Roy Roundtree

-Settles his route beyond the 1st down sticks, catches ball in dirt for the first
-Puts in the effort in downfield blocking

Overall:  Hard to evaluate from the performance in this game, reliable pass cacther and gives effort downfield while blocking when Denard takes off.

#77 OT Taylor Lewan

-Release from stance is compact on a down block on the DL, engages with good pad level and leverage
-Nice kick step yet once engaged with the DE his weight was too forward
-Sustained a block knowing the play was far from over, kept feet moving, engaged and easily won battle
-Stone walls the DE, great use of hands with proper balance
-Does not get to the 2nd level with ease
-Rarely has wasted movements in pass protection
-Not the most athletic as he gets by with technique and natural strength

Overall:  A protypical Big 10 OT, sound technique with brute strength.  Rarely tested inside though need to see him vs. more pass rush moves.  An RT at the next level?

#32 S Jordan Kovacs

-Comes in free on an all out blitz, does not get quarterback down immediately as he blitzed without lining up the midsection of the QB, lacked control
-Takes on the FB block which opens it up for the other LB to make the play
-Diagnoses the pass, quickly break towards the play in front of him and makes the tackle
-Always near the ball as long as it is in front of him
-Reliable tackler who finishes through the whistle

Overall:  High motor leader of the defense.  Projects as an SS.  His effort is something you cannot teach.  Stereotypical hard worker who may not be the greatest athlete.  Never afraid to stick his nose in there.

#88 DE Craig Roh

-Lines up at LDE and RDE
-Released out of his stance with his head down with a very wide base
-Plays high with head down and loses track of where the ball is
-Keeps head up as he was not blocked at all and forces Braxton Miller inside causing TFL
-Does not flash a great first step

Overall:  Did not flash much athletically or pass rush wise. Not overally impressed.

#25 LB Kenny Demens

-Smooth in his drop and COD when Braxton dropped back then pulled it down and ran
-Late in recognizing the play fake
-Has very good lateral agility and plays better moving side to side rather than north to south
-Engaged by the TE, loses battle, lack of upper body strength

Overall:   Has good East-West abilities but gets lost in traffic and cannot shed block all too well.

#8 CB J.T Floyd

-Succumbed to the play action yet stayed true to his assignment on long TD pass early, that was the safety’s error

Overall:  Hard to evaluate since he was not thrown as often I as needed to make a fair assessment.

Check out the Ohio State draft prospects on Page Two.

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