The ACC’s Most Overrated: Atlantic Division

June 7th, 2012
Brandon Jenkins ACC Week

Is Brandon Jenkins one of the most overrated prospects in the ACC? (Photo: US Presswire)

KCCD Editor:  Jinx Allessio

The Atlantic Division is home to a few prospective first round drafts picks in the 2013 NFL Draft.  I think their are several mid to late rounders that could definitely contribute at the next level.   Those mid round to late round talents are being projected in the first few rounds and I don’t necessarily agree with those forecasts.

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Boston College Eagles

TE Chris Pantale

Pantale was selected to All ACC 2nd Team by Phil Steele for the upcoming season.  He is a massive individual who checks in at 6’6, 251 lbs and really excels as an in-line blocker.  Other than that he really does not provide the dynamic receiving skill set that you need to be even considered before the 4th round.  It doesn’t help that the Eagles offense struggled greatly.  When he does catch the ball his yards after the catch ability to need to improve as I have seen him lose balance while turning up field.   Currently projected as a 5th-6th rounder who needs to have a big season to be considered in  the top 100.

Clemson Tigers

DE Malliciah Goodman

Clemson edge rushers have not really panned out well in the NFL.  Goodman does not have that great first step that I look for in an edge rusher.  He also can be more violent with his hands.  Goodman has  long arms but often gets locked up by opposing tackles.  I would consider him in the top 100 but he really needs to show me more diversity to his game.

Florida State

DE Brandon Jenkins

Similar to the case against Goodman, the highly touted ‘Noles edge rushers have not translated to the next level.  In a class stacked with edge rushers Jenkins lacks the technique and repertoire of moves to be considered a top 10-15 prospect.  During the Chik-Fil-A Bowl he was on the ground a lot and missed too many tackles.  Big time players need to dominate in big games and Jenkins played mediocre at best.  He has raw athletic ability yet leaves a lot to be desired for, projects as a 2nd round pick.

Maryland Terrapins

LB Demetrius Hartsfield

“Meat” is a productive tackling machine that was permanently moved to MLB in the ’11 season after playing both MLB and WLB in ’10.  Hartsfield has adequate size and lacks elite speed but he seems to always be near the ball carrier which allows him to rack his tackle number.   A 4-3 linebacker in the NFL has to do more than tackle, they have to have pass deflections, interceptions, forced fumbles and tackles for a loss.  Those impact plays are what separate the very good from the good.  ’Meat’ has not provided many of those impact plays in his time at Maryland.  He also has some injury concerns.  I would not consider him in the top 4 rounds as he is more of a late rounder.

North Carolina St. Wolfpack

S Earl Wolff

It was difficult to find someone overrated for the Wolfpack as they have some talented players but not many highly touted players.    Wolff has intangibles through the roof and is a very reliable tackler.   Many of his interceptions were due to awful through rather than anticipation and timely breaks towards the ball.  Once he is near the ball he is dangerous yet finds himself breaking late.  He is much better moving forward than backward and is limited to the SS position at the next level.  Safeties need to be versatile and dynamic enough to play both spots which drops him in my rankings.

Wake Forest

CB Kenny Okoro

Okoro had some inconsistent games in 2011.  He  struggles with his back pedal and turning his hips.  He is a very physical off the line yet  his lack of fluidity prevents him from being able to turn and recover.  The turn and recover is a crucial feature of a CB and scouts will use that to knock him in the evaluating process.  That turn and recover would allow many of his pass deflections to become interceptions.

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