2013 NFL Draft Overrated Prospects: Independents

July 5th, 2012
Zeke Motta Notre Dame

Zeke Motta is next in line for the Irish. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

With only four schools considered Independents, it is slim pickings when looking at overrated prospects. The addition of BYU to the mix helps, since they usually have a few NFL Draft prospects on their roster. Notre Dame always has at least one player that is hyped up a bit too much by the “experts”, this year is no different.

Army and Navy rarely have a prospect that is ranked highly enough to be even considered as an NFL Draft pick. It’s also unclear to me how the rules work with them after they graduate from the service academy. This list will only consist of players from BYU and Notre Dame.

BYU Cougars

Braden Brown- This right tackle for the Cougars gets as much or more hype as any of his teammates. He has the size to be an NFL right tackle, but his trouble with speed is concerning. He hasn’t faced the level of competition that the NFL will throw at him, on a weekly basis.

He is a decent athlete, coming to BYU as a TE. If he can put on some more good weight, get stronger and improve his foot work, he’ll lose this overrated tag. The notes from BYU Texas give you a good idea of what is being discussed here.

Kyle Van Noy- This is a player I like. He is athletic and his production on the field warrants his somewhat high rankings. Kyle has some qualities that NFL teams would love to bring into their locker room. He plays with great emotion, leads his team and flies all over the field.

That being said, he disappears from games at times. He’s young, so this is an issue he can fix. Learning better techniques when rushing the passer, getting off blocks quicker and being a more consistent tackler are a few things KVN could do to help himself get off this list.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Zeke Motta- The Irish lost a similar player in Harrison Smith to the Draft last year. That is the thing with Motta. Some will look at Motta’s size and position, then make the comparisons to Smith. That isn’t a fair comp yet.

Motta makes this list based off expectations. Some Irish fans I have talked to are expecting the same level of play from Motta. Expectations are one thing, but him actually living up to that level is another.

Theo Riddick- This type of player used to get me excited. He has play-making ability from multiple positions, including special teams. He just doesn’t excel at any one position. I’ve been fooled with this type of potential before.

Riddick is a very talented player in college and the potential to make plays in the NFL will entice some teams. If you read my overrated post about Conference USA, you know that these are not my favorite type of players.

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