2013 NFL Draft Overrated Prospects: Mountain West

July 19th, 2012
Ryan Katz.

Ryan Katz transfered to SDSU. Will this help improve his draft stock? (Photo: www.buildingthedam.com)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

The Mountain West Conference has some very talented prospects in 2012. Most of the talent is young or have already proven themselves on the field.

These are the players that still have some work to do, or have already shown us what they are:

Ryan Katz QB San Diego State

I was a fan of Katz when he first entered the lineup at Oregon State. He looked like a QB that could grow into an NFL prospect. Turnovers and inconsistent play led to him splitting snaps as a Beaver, losing his job and eventually a transfer.

Ryan has some talent, but it’s not made for the NFL. He’s smart in the classroom, but it doesn’t translate to the football field. He’s small in stature and isn’t mobile. I’m still a fan of his and hope he goes out on top at SDSU.

Crockett Gillmore TE Colorado State

In my opinion, tight ends like Crockett Gillmore are a dime a dozen. He’s only a junior, but statistically I’m not impressed. I know stats aren’t everything, but for as talented as some think he is, he should put up bigger numbers.

He has some skills and CSU moves him around quite a bit. He definitely looks the part, but I want to see more before he enters my rankings. His blocking also needs a lot of work.

Jeffrey Nady OT & Chris Barker OG Nevada

Watching numerous Nevada games the past few seasons, I have become familiar with this duo. They are durable and fundamentally sound from what I’ve seen. My issue with these two is the quickness and strength to a certain extent.

Nevada moves their linemen around throughout the game, these 2 were constantly moved to the opposite side of the run. It became frustrating watching film, thinking you’re watching them but they flipped sides. This has nothing to do with the overattedness of the 2, but if you watch them pay attention.

I think each of them has a place in the NFL, but knock them down your rankings a few spots.

Robbie Rouse Fresno State

Rouse is a stat sheet filler. He can eat up yards on the ground or as a receiver. He is only 317 yards from being the Fresno State All-Time leading rusher. He’s had a very impressive career so far.

I feel he’s overrated because he is a small back that will have close to 1000 carries in three years. How much will he have left when/if he gets to the NFL? Some mention him being a return guy, but he has very little experience. He’ll get a shot in someone’s camp, but that might be about it.

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  1. datdude619 says:

    U are a true Hater on Robbie Rouse!! He has been proving everyone wrong since his flag football days at Valencia Park. Sit back live your know nothing bout talent arm chair QB self back and observe!! U to shall be a believer sooner than u think HATER!!!

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