2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: BYU vs Texas (2011)

July 4th, 2012
Romney Fuga BYU

Romney Fuga should open some eyes this season.(Photo: TotalBlueSports.com)


KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

It’s Indy Week, let’s look over the scouting notes from BYU Texas. This game was extremely close. Defense and field goals were stars of this matchup.

The BYU Cougars have a few intriguing prospects to watch on each side of the ball. The Texas Longhorns are always loaded, this year is no different. With most of the draft eligible Longhorns on defense, Texas should be among the nation’s best.


#2 WR Cody Hoffman*
-tall, long WR
-lined up in slot and outside
-ran slant route from slot, made tough catch and turned it up field for some extra yards
-made solid downfield block on #23 to help ball carrier get extra yardage
-lined up opposite trips formation, dropped catchable ball on out route
-catches crossing route from slot, gets zero yards after catch

Overview: Looks the part and even plays like it sometimes. Has the size and speed to be a big time wide receiver, just needs to focus on making the plays he’s supposed to.

#76 RG Braden Hansen
-lined up at right guard
-mirrors well in pass protection, gets long arms extended into defender
-poor attempt at chop block
-keeps legs churning, opens hole by driving his defender
-powerful when he gets a lock on the defender
-defensive tackle slipped his block with ease, poor attempt at a reach block
-left game for a brief period, not sure why
-back in game to start 4th quarter
-text book form in pass protection
-pulled, tripped at line of scrimmage and failed to hit anybody

Overview: Solid in all areas, but not great. He would be good if he could improve his footwork and quickness.

#75 RT Braden Brown
-played right tackle entire game
-walled off #80 with ease
-takes defensive tackle off his feet with big time punch, coiled back and exploded into defender
-slow footed, defensive end went around him rather easily
-looks slow again, overextends trying to block DE, just gets himself off balance instead
-zero push, defensive end was able to stack and shed with ease
-struggles with speed to the outside

Overview: Has moments where he looks like a prospect, then a DE runs around him. Not much of a prospect in my opinion.

#3 LB Kyle Van Noy*
-lined up at right and left outside linebacker spots
-full of energy
-moves sideline to sideline very well
-showed some athleticism by chasing down McCoy from the opposite side of the field
-lost his jock in the backfield from a stutter step and couldn’t recover to make the play
-relentless in pass rush from ROLB position

Overview: Was impressed with the Junior defender. Liked his energy and athletic ability. He takes to coaching and learns a few pass rushing moves, we could have a legit prospect on our hands.

#4 LB Uona Kaveinga
-on the short side at 5-11
-played MLB and special teams during this game
-was involved in the game’s first special teams tackle
-dove at ball carrier, would have liked to see him try to run thru him
-in the offensive backfield often, doesn’t make plays when back there. Head is down too often
-met running back in the hole on 4th and 1, stopped him in his tracks. Turnover on downs
-big time hit on WR after catching a screen pass.

Overview: Isn’t the most athletic or biggest hitter, but plays with heart. He needs to do a better job of finding the football.

#98 NT Romney Fuga
-played nose tackle and defensive end
-holds the point of attack very well
-big time pressure from the NT position. Collapsed the pocket in a hurry
-3rd and short, holds line very well. Forces running back to run outside
-extremely strong coming out of his stance
-pushes center back into play, uses good leverage to do so
-moves well for a man his size

Overview: Was impressed with the stocky nose tackle prospect. He is older than most prospects, though. Went on his LDS mission, missing two years at BYU. Was an excellent wrestler in high school. This is a prospect that I’ll be keeping my eyes on, no matter the age.

Texas Longhorns draft prospects can be found on page two.

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