2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: BYU vs Texas (2011)

July 4th, 2012


#72 RG Mason Walters*
-played right guard entire game
-explodes off the snap
-sits back in his stance, gets good extension and delivers solid punch in pass pro
-delivers nice pop to defensive tackle, but gets zero push after and gets too upright
-took numerous stutter steps while pulling, couldn’t decide who to hit and got in running backs way
-pulled, lead blocker on very long run, hit #4 hard
-pulled again, not hesitating anymore, just demolishing defenders. Opened another huge hole
-took #98 completely out of play on QB draw

Overview: Stud. He’s big, talented and nasty. Should continue to grow as he will be a junior this upcoming season.

#3 LB Jordan Hicks*
-lined up at both outside linebacker spots
-came free on a blitz and made the tackle for loss
-worked his way down the line, made huge hit on running back in the hole for no gain
-blanketed running back in man coverage
-from LOLB spot, sent on blitz, made ankle tackle
-made athletic play to get a tipped pass

Overview: Another Texas Longhorn youngster. Hicks is athletic and is still learning the game. He should be a big time player during the 2012 season.

#23 CB Carrington Byndom*
-lined up at cornerback for the plays that I could see
-covers WR with ease, ball arrives and instead of making a play with his hands he tries to dislodge with shoulder. Ball gets thru and WR makes the catch
-comes up to make open field tackle vs much bigger tight end.
-slips in man coverage, saved by QB overthrow
-continually goes for big hits when tackling
-another big hit on a broken play

Overview: Texas is loaded with talented junior prospects. Byndom could end up being the best of the bunch. Would like to see him calm down on the monster hit attempts, though. His career will be longer and interception numbers could go up.

#80 DE Alex Okafor
-lined up at defensive end, outside linebacker and inside linebacker
-lined up as a blitzer from the MLB position, dropped back into coverage at the snap
-from LOLB position, dropped back into coverage and almost makes interception
-very little impact when lined up with his hand in the dirt
-knifed thru double team by #76 and #75 from LDE position, got the QB sack
-again showed big pressure on the QB

Overview: Flashes great potential at times and disappoints at others. If he were consistent, the first round would be a lock.

#44 DE Jackson Jeffcoat*
-lined up at RDE and both outside linebacker positions
-gets by left guard with a speed move to the inside
-slips double team to make the tackle at LOS
-set the edge vs left tackle, running back had to go backwards to get outside for little gain
-lined up at ROLB, dropped into coverage in the flat
-very late on a QB hit, called for roughing the passer
-explodes off the line, runs right past the ball carrier
-struggles to get off blocks, sees the ball, but can’t get to it
-tried to jump the snap count the entire game, finally penalized for off sides

Overview: Explosive athlete that can continue to get better and mature. Should see his stock continue to rise in defensive coordinator Diaz’s schemes.

#4 FS Kenny Vaccaro
-played free safety and was in the box most of the game
-lined up on slot WR, sent on a blitz
-moves laterally with ease, very fluid athlete
-hits with aggression
-in the box, sent on blitz from over the left tackle
-playing deep safety, tipped a long pass attempt in the endzone
-brought on a blitz from next to ROLB
-takes bad angle to ball carrier, horse collar tackle to prevent big gain
-lined up in the box, covered TE
-ran thru ball carrier after he made reception
-again, very aggressive player
-covered slot WR, strong press coverage, WR struggled to release

Overview: Was my favorite player to watch in this game. His teammates feed off him and Kenny doesn’t disappoint. His all-around skills are outstanding. Expecting big things from Vaccaro this season.

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