2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Florida vs. Florida St.

July 8th, 2012
E.J. Manuel NFL Draft 2013

How high can E.J. Manuel go in the 2013 NFL Draft?


KCCD Editor: Jinx Allessio

The interstate rivalry featured athletes all over the field, both sides of the ball.   Some of those explosive players will be featured in the 2013 NFL Draft through the 2015 NFL Draft.   There are not too many offensive prospects that I foresee being drafted highly in this match up so I added a few players who could declare after this year.  

This game was very ugly, neither team develop any offensive rhythm and John Brantley is not a good quarterback, plain and simple. Both offensive struggled all night.  Some of the bigger names in the game did not see much time due to injury.

Florida State Seminoles

#49 DE Brandon Jenkins

-Lines up mainly in the 7 and 9-tech positions.
-In an obvious passing down he does not show the elite quickness off the snap.
-Stacks and sheds the TE, making the RB decomit from assigned hole, forces RB to kick out. RB tackled near LOS.
-Unimpressive third down pass rush, no elite burst off the line, waits for the snap rather the anticipates.
-Overmatched vs. run while being blocked by tight end.

Overall Analysis: I am very low on Jenkins, I envision him being drafted in the 2nd round.  He lacks the initial first step that is elite to be considered a first rounder.

#91 DE Tank Carradine

-Was blown off the ball by TE who had a quick chip by the RT, disengages well yet too late to influence play.
-Get turned inside by TE on the run right at him.
-Extends the arms with some punch that creates space between he and the RT. Makes an inside move and almost get to the quarterback
-Overpowers the blocker as he stacks, sheds the TE, disengages and makes a TFL on the run.
-Bulls rushes the OL and pushes him back about 6 yards.
-Beats the TE with relative ease nearly notching a sack.

Overall Analysis: Tank had a very solid game.  Made plays rushing the pass and against the run.  Where does he fit at the next level? I can see him being an LDE in a 40 front.  Very strong player. I can see him being a mid rounder if not higher.

#27 CB Xavier Rhodes

-Smooth in his drops and breaks well toward ball once QB makes decision.
-Mirrors the wide out on a fly pattern and breaks up the pass.
-2nd straight play where he stuck to his man’s hip.

Overall Analysis: In a game where not many passing plays were properly executed, Rhodes showed excellent mirrors skills with a very good backpedal.  Rhodes could hear his name called as early as the 2nd round in the 2013 NFL Draft.

#5 S/CB Greg Reid

-Lines up at CB, did not fall victim to the reverse action pass, tracked ball, deflected it before ball touched receivers hands.
-Plays off man about 7 yards back, back pedaled a few steps, read the quarterbacks eyes which led to an interception.  Made a good play on a bad, telegraphed throw.
-Gets 2nd INT due to another awful throw by Brantley.
-Very dynamic as a punt returner, makes the first guy miss often.  This will propel his draft stock.

Overall Analysis:  Reid is a football player.  All over the field.  Near the ball all the time. Skilled as a punt returner.  His measurables will determine a lot since he shows enough on the field to warrant a 2nd-3rd round grade.

#11 LB Vince Williams

-Lines up inside and outside out of the linebacker position.
-Roams the middle of the field, kept eyes right on the QB’s eyes.
-Displays great field generalship when he does a  great job diagnosing the screen.
-Does a good job shedding blockers at the 2nd level, does not let them inside.
-Gets lost in traffic in a short yardage situation.
-Fluid in his drop while displaying adequate COD when the receiver goes in to his break.

Overall Analysis: Williams is a mid round prospect.  Does his job.  Nothing to flashy but does not make many mistakes on film.

#3 QB EJ Manuel

-Lines up in shotgun on third down, impatient feet which does not allow him to square causing the ball to float.  He still connects yet it lacked velocity out of release.
-Dropped back out of a pro style shot gun set, kept eyes down field, ball up just delivered the pass short of intended target.  Severely underthrown ball which almost lead to an INT.  Lacks velocity once again.
-Smooth five step drop, quiet feet. Locks in on receiver, sees receiver covered throws OB.  Does not generate torque through his core.
-Shotgun set, takes a few steps in his drop back, does not place the ball well with pass behind intended receiver.
-Does not hold on to the ball too long, decisive when he knows he has to run. Gets good yardage several times when he tucks the ball.
-Stares down receiver which allows the defender to jump under neat the route and induces a near INT.
-Initial velocity from release is lacking.

Overall Analysis:  I am not a fan of EJ Manuel.  I would not draft him before the 3rd round.  Lacks zip, torque and velocity.   Does not put the ball in situations where only his receiver can catch it.  A very capable runner though.  Good at tuck and running once he sees a play break down.

Check out the Florida Gator NFL Draft prospects on page two.

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