2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Florida vs. Florida St.

July 8th, 2012

University of Florida Gators

#3 LB Jelani Jenkins

-Lines up all over the field, even single man coverage in the slot.
-Meets the RB in the hole and stops the RB from a free TD, play started inside the 5 yard line.
-Attempted to tackle the RB at the goal line, is a bit off balance and is not square.  Allows RB to score the TD.
-Stays true to lane on attempt to run to backside that leads to TFL by another Gator.
-Shows his football acumen breaking down the draw in a 3rd and long situation.

Overall Analysis: Very good athlete who can cover a lot of ground sideline to sideline.  Has exemplary lateral agility.  Can cover and can make plays moving forward.  Needs to impove his tackling technique.

#2 DE Dominque Easly

-Lined up at DE, got a sack due to a miscommunication by the Seminole offensive line.
-Makes an easy tackle at the LOS while lined up in the 3 tech position. C/G angle to their right and he slides inside the slide and makes play.
-Lines up over the guard and gets over powered on a block down by the center who engages on a slide block.  Great athlete yet gets engulfed inside.
-Shows great leverage and push off the snap, blows the guard at least two yards. What is his true position in the NFL?
-Injured on a play at the goal line.
-Left game due to injury

Overall Breakdown: Easly is a very talented versatile D-Linemen.  Shows raw power but inconsistent off the snap.  I am curious to see how he develops this upcoming year.  Does he play in a 40 front or a 30 front?

#52 LB Jonathan Bostic

-Lines up at MLB, made his way through traffic and sniffed out the runner, made a bone crushing tackle.
-In a 3rd an long situation he dropped back in to his zone, not the smoothest moving backwards.
-Makes a bonehead move hitting an offensive linemen after the play is blown dead, flagged for personal foul.
-Shows surprising fluidity in pass coverage.
-Ability to manage himself through the traffic of a developing screen pass

Overall Analysis: An underrated athlete, Bostic can play MLB at the next level. A sure tackler most of the time.  Won’t be more than a 3rd round pick though.  Similar to Williams of the ‘Noles he does not thing to flashy yet rarely see glaring mistakes on film.

#73 OT Xavier Nixon

-Does not play, must be inactive due to injury.  Has shown some injury problems in his career.  Projects as a mid round tackle prospect.

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