2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Georgia vs Mizzou

September 12th, 2012

Jarvis Jones was a superstar Saturday night in Columbia, MO. (Photo: Chattanooga Times Free Press)




KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

What a great atmosphere in Columbia, MO last Saturday night. I watched this game from the press box inside Faurot Field. Walking to the stadium, as I have done many times before being a Mizzou fan, seemed different this time. People were dressed in there best and tailgating was at an all time high. Mizzou fans were stepping up their efforts.

Now, would the efforts have the same upgrade on the field? For the most part, yes, but the separation in size/talent was noticeable on the front lines and Jarvis Jones is superman. He was amazing vs the Tigers. I had my eyes on everything, so head inside and check my notes on 21 players from this game.


#52 DE Michael Sam*

-long armed, good build

-knifed thru the right tackle to the inside, got low and used his quickness

-moved around a lot, lined up at end and inside/outside linebacker

-went hard to the inside again, got good pressure on Murray, led to an interception

-left game with a nasty bloody nose

Overview: Has some growing to do, but Missouri has grown some great pass rushers in the past. Get’s a bit more disciplined and he will be a major player in the SEC.

#34 DT Sheldon Richardson*

-very well put together defensive lineman

-played most of the game at defensive tackle, but also stood up from the inside and the outside

-threw 364 to the ground like a rag doll.

-stupid roughing the passer penalty on 3rd and long, defense would’ve been off the field

-located ball carrier and attacked for a TFL

-double teamed often, used spin move to get off it occasionally

-has a bit of a nasty side

-rides blocker down the line of scrimmage to make the tackle for short gain

-has a knack for squeezing thru tight openings

-keeps his feet on most plays, shows good balance

-used a super quick spin move, guard didn’t know what hit him

-beat right guard to the spot and made the tackle

-another quick swim move got him into the backfield too soon, ran past the ball carrier

Overview: Sheldon looked good tonight, except for a couple brain farts. He is extremely quick and strong, with an attitude that works for me. He keeps playing like this and he will keep rising.

#47 DE Kony Ealy*

-is an Aldon Smith clone, as far as body type

-has a ridiculous vertical for a 6-5 265 lb individual

-strong inside move put the left tackle on his back

-very quick for his size

-stood the left tackle up, drove him back and changed the direction of the running back

Overview: Only a redshirt sophomore, but draft eligible. I doubt he comes out, but some team would risk a high pick on this athletic freak.

#25 LB Zaviar Gooden

-broke down and made an open field tackle

-shows very clean technique when making a tackle

-came up into the hole and made a perfect form tackle

-closed quickly, made big hit on running back after he made the catch

-shows a smooth back pedal and loose hips in coverage

-delivered another big hit on the running back, showed fire after this play

-left with a hamstring injury

Overview: Has the technique vs the run and the pass to be a solid player in the NFL.

#48 LB Andrew Wilson*

-covered the slot at times

-out in man coverage, man makes catch, but tackles instantly for short gain

-came across the field on long run to get hand on the ball and force the fumble

-punt return team, destroyed a Bulldog coming down the field

-punt coverage team, knocked the ball loose from return man, Mizzou recovered

-tight coverage, got a big pass deflection late in the game to prevent first down

-drilled the QB on a blitz

Overview: Always thought Wilson was more of a big hitter and blitzer, but this game proved he can get out and cover. Love the fact he forced 2 fumbles as well.

#31 CB EJ Gaines*

-good size for position (5-10 190 lb)

-mixed up press and zone coverage throughout the night

-sent on a delayed blitz

-tight man coverage, turned into ball just in time to get the deflection

-beat on jump ball, but WR dropped it

-shows the ability to flip his hips and run with the WR

-WR caught it in front of him, only after he slipped, would’ve had a shot at the interception

-avoided Gaines the majority of second half after testing him in the first

-worked off a block, made TFL on pass to the flat

Overview: Showed off some great cover skills in man and zone situations. Very fluid athlete that makes plays when the ball is thrown his way.

#72 LT Elvis Fisher

-sat back into stance and delivered a solid punch to Jarvis Jones in pass pro.

-showed the strength to down block Washington, then step outside and pick up a stunting Jenkins

-could sustain his blocks a bit longer

-injured right MCL, left game

Overview: Looked like a prospect until he went down with the injury. Worried that his knees are shot.

#4 RB Kendial Lawrence

-small, but fast running back

-bailed QB out with tough catch in the flat, uses speed to gain extra yards

-confusion on stretch play led to a turnover. Either he or Franklin didn’t know the play

-makes the catch out of the backfield, but can’t make first guy miss

Overview: Limited touches for some reason tonight. Love his elite speed and skill set, but the size is concerning.

#85 WR Marcus Lucas*

-tall, long limbed receiver

-lined up outside, stretches to make catch on slant route, long strider breaks tackles to get into the endzone

-makes catch on the sideline, turns outside to gain extra yards

-dropped catchable ball on the sideline, ball hit him in the hands

-ball goes thru his hands after beautiful deep pass from Franklin to end the half. Should have been a touchdown, he has to make that catch

-diving catch on low ball that was a bit behind him, adjusted to it well

Overview: Big target that made some great plays, but also dropped numerous easy balls. Has a year to get his concentration in order.

#28 WR TJ Moe

-slot WR and kickoff return man

-catch from slot over the middle, picked up tough yards after catch

-another tough catch, worked his tail off to pick up first down after the catch

-slot, catches quick slant

-makes catch on quick out, gets out of bounds quickly to kill clock

-takes big hit on sidelines, but holds on

-had a few plays where he showed off solid downfield blocking, locked on an attempted to drive

-tough, gritty player

Overview: A guy you want on your team. Will do anything for the better of the team. Makes plays out of the slot and catches everything thrown his way.

Head to page 2 for the Georgia player notes.

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