2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Georgia vs Mizzou

September 12th, 2012


#93 DE Abry Jones*

-play came to his side, anchored down and caused a pile up

-gets off block very easily on stunt, gets big hit on Franklin

-pushed out of hole easily

-has to keep his feet, could have made the play on 4th down, but was on the ground

Overview: Fits into the 3-4 front very well. Holds his point and keeps his linebackers clean.

#6 NT John Jenkins

-massive prospect, huge gut and trunk

-holds his spot well

-basically picked up a Mizzou OL and threw him aside, ridiculous strength

-drops a big time anchor in the middle

-pushed way thru double team, made TFL on quick RB

-double teamed most of the night

-reads the play and diagnosed it, attacked the RB for TFL

-dropped back into the coverage, made tackle on WR

-gets low and explodes into OL, made tackle for no gain

Overview: Huge NT prospect that has every skill necessary to be successful.

#99 NT Kwame Geathers*

-another massive NT prospect (6-6 360 lbs)

-comes thru line clean, gets pressure on Franklin who throws away for intentional grounding

-OL gets under his pads, lifts and drives

-muscled thru line

-plays too high at times

-went down with an upper body injury

Overview: Georgia is stacked with huge defensive line prospects. Geathers has a strong bloodline and the skills to be an impact player next year.

#83 DE Cornelius Washington*

-long armed, athletic looking player

-in backfield quickly, made TFL

-jumped over a blocker in stride

-manhandled at times by Mizzou left tackle

-drove man down into pile, threw him off to make the tackle for no gain

-active, always chasing the ball

-alert, locates the ball and attacks

Overview: Might be better suited as a 4-3 DE or OLB. Has the skills to get to the QB and make plays in space.

#29 OLB Jarvis Jones*

-great combo of speed, and power in his compact build

-good pressure leads to intentional grounding

-too quick for right tackle

-monster push on left tackle

-held on the play, but still gets great pressure

-ran past the right tackle like he wasn’t there, knocked ball from QBs hand

-threw Mizzou OL all over the place, strong player

-runs around right tackle to hit QB on draw play

-cut, springs up instantly. Basically did an up-down on the offensive lineman’s back

-dropped back into coverage to make an interception, looked good on return

Overview: Had a ridiculous night, spent more time in the backfield than most Mizzou players. A great combo of speed and power with multiple pass rushing moves.

#1 CB Branden Smith

-came over the top of Lucas to get the pass deflection

-physical, fiery player

-burnt in press coverage on Lucas TD catch, turned to look at the QB and the WR was gone

-slaps the ball out of the WRs hands on what would have been a sure catch

Overview: Was hot and cold tonight. Had moments where  his concentration went out the window.

#15 WR Marlon Brown

-big bodied WR with huge hands

-ran out of the slot and out wide

-caught the quick slant from the slot, makes the catch and picks up big yards, if he picks up his feet he scores

-finds a soft spot in the zone and sits down for an 8 yard gain

-beat the defender to the corner, high points ball for a TD

-big time target in traffic, not afraid of contact

-snatches ball out of air with ease, strong hands

-makes a tough TD catch on high ball between to defenders

-another tough catch in traffic, picked up major YAC after breaking first tackle

-dropped an easy ball, looked to run before securing it

Overview: For a player with not much success in the past, he was extremely impressive. Huge body that will win most jump balls. High points the ball with huge hands.

#72 LT Kenarious Gates*

-huge prospect with long arms

-bull rushed successfully by a redshirt freshman

-continues to struggle with the power of the Mizzou youngster

-false start

-attempted to seal block Ealy, but was put on his back

-beautiful cut block, got down extremely quick

-showed solid leg drive on running play to his side

-struggles a bit when having to change direction

-got his long arms extended and the defensive end could do nothing

Overview: For the converted guard, this wasn’t a horrible start to SEC play. Mizzou has a stable of young promising defensive ends and he held his own, especially in pass pro.

#62 LG Dallas Lee

-on the ground a bit too much for my liking

-pulled to the left, destroyed Zaviar Gooden to clear out the lane. Pancake block

-whiffed trying to block linebacker who made the play

-can’t handle the swim move from Sheldon Richardson, QB takes the hit

-jolted back by linebacker on run block attempt

-just does enough to turn his man away from play

-didn’t tough Richardson on swim move

Overview: Not a strong prospect, shows decent technical skills.

#11 QB Aaron Murray*

-smaller QB prospect

-threw high under pressure, nearly picked off

-doesn’t set his feet and throws it high

-feels pressure at feet, throws high again

-beautiful pass into the endzone, placed the ball over the DBs shoulder for a TD

-tight spiral to sideline for a complete pass

-gets pressured, throws ball up for grabs over the middle, intercepted

-starts to get rid of the ball quicker and makes better decisions as game goes on

-looks more comfortable in hurry up, spread out offense

-threw it up into traffic, complete, but very risky toss

-nice placement on 2nd TD pass, threw it where only WR could catch it

Overview: Struggles when the pocket isn’t clean or has trash at his feet. Got better when the offensive play calling sped up.

#12 WR Tavarres King

-catches screen pass, works thru early traffic for big gain

-can’t get body turned to make catch on quick hitch route in endzone

-drag route, makes the catch and fight into endzone

Overview: A mostly quiet night for the Bulldog WR. He flashed some towards the end, impressed with what I saw.

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