2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Kansas State vs. Missouri State

September 3rd, 2012

Collin Klein had an up and down night vs MO State. (Photo: Kansas State Athletics)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

Saturday night was the first of many games I’ll be scouting from the pressbox for KCCD this college football season. The game started off sloppy and ended that way as well. I took notes on multiple players from each team, so head inside to read what I saw.


#3 WR Chris Harper

-built like a fullback

-lined up on the outside majority of game

-makes a clean catch on a cross route. Uses stutter step to make first defender miss

-makes an important downfield block on long run

-dropped a very catchable ball in the endzone on a slant route. had to jump for it, but the ball was at eye level, hit him in his hands. defender was barely on his back

-makes the catch uncovered after a curl route. Couldn’t keep his balance and steps out of bounds. Would have ran for at least 10 more yards if he doesn’t step out

-beats cornerback to the corner of the endzone on fade. makes a nice over the shoulder grab for the TD.

Overview: Impressive athlete for a WR his size (6-1 234 lbs). He is a capable down field blocker and ran a few good routes.  His concentration falls off at times. though. Harper could be one of the Big 12′s best if this improves.

#86 WR Tramaine Thompson*

-small (5-8 167 lbs), but plays bigger and is extremely quick

-worked in the slot and as a punt/ kick returner

-makes a LB miss with a nice stutter step, then lowers shoulder on defensive back to move pile forward

-notices the QB in trouble, breaks off his route to find an open spot for the QB to throw. Makes the catch for a first down

-adjusted to a wobbly pass in the air to make the catch on a curl route

-gets open in the corner of the endzone after Klein works thru his progressions. Adjusts to another wobbly throw in the air to make the grab and get a foot down for the TD.

-caught the punt on the 11 yard line and took off to the left. Was following his blocks with his head on a swivel, looking for openings. Looks good in the open field, making 2 guys miss with a nice hesitation move. Gets the TD on the punt return

Overview: His size is a concern, but has the quicks and toughness to be a player in the return game. Looks like he’s growing into a more than capable slot WR as well. Somebody that won’t get the pub, due to the QB situation at KState.

#80 Travis Tannahill

-didn’t play as much in this game as I would have liked

-ran the ball to his side in most double TE or short yardage running plays

-gets open up the seam for a 37 yard gain, caught from behind by defensive back

-mirrored the defensive end extremely well in pass protection. The DE was clearly frustrated

-released upfield on a running play, ran into a linebacker and was knocked flat on his back. Not a great play for Tannahill

-great crackdown block on inside linebacker, was key block on Hubert’s 95 yard TD run

Overview: As mentioned, he didn’t see the field as much as I would have liked. One of my darkhorse TE/Hback candidates in the 2013 NFL Draft. He has some work to do in many aspects of his game, but should be a solid contributor for the Wildcats.

 #37 FB Braden Wilson

-taller than most at his position (6-4)

-on kickoff return team to begin the game

-overextends in pass protection, gets tossed aside rather easily

-trucked his way into the endzone from the 5 yard line. Was not going to be denied

-gets high in his blocks from time to time

-makes solid initial contact, but didn’t sustain or finish many blocks

Overview: Is definitely a football player, but afraid he’s too tall to be an effective fullback. Almost every FB in the NFL is 6-0 or shorter. Will find a spot on a team, but might have multiple roles to stick.

#78 LT Cornelius Lucas*

-he’s a monster, easily the biggest man on the field at 6-9 324 lbs

-gets good drive on run block

-locked on in pass pro, defender was finished

-continues to destroy whatever is in front of him

-good footwork, strong at point of attack

-walled off defensive end on outside run, took out defenders on this play

-successful cut block on QB draw

-could be more assertive in finishing off blocks, man slipped off at goalline to make TD saving tackle

-had an oh lay moment with the defensive end. Didn’t touch the DE and barely moved his feet

-uses long arms very well in pass pro

-smothered defensive end on TD pass play. DE looked like a little kid

-creates a wall on runs to his side, running backs run behind his shadow

-needs to improve his drive blocking, should be much better than it is

Overview: The first time I have seen Lucas play and I’m impressed. Still a bit raw, but has the size and skills to be a very good tackle in the near future.

#7 QB Collin Klein

-long wind up, awkward throwing motion

-tall, muscular build

-hits Tannahill in stride up the seam for a big gain, one of his better passes of the day

-pocket breaks down, side steps a defender for a small gain. Was able to avoid a loss with the good footwork though

-threw a nice deep ball after a play action fake, WR couldn’t come up with it

-nearly threw a pick 6. CB jumped the quick out, but couldn’t hold onto the easy interception

-accuracy began to fall off. Overthrew WR on curl by a large margin

-hesitates mid throw on a toss to the running back in the flat. Just looks very awkward

-had a lane to run for the first down, but chooses a flip pass instead. Incomplete

-scrambles with little pressure for a loss

-terrible throw into tight coverage was intercepted, but ruled incomplete after the ball came loose. Awful throw

-tough run up the middle. Took 3 defenders to ride him down

-continually looks to run once first option is covered

-pocket collapsed, took off running for big gain

-threw a nice ball to Harper in the endzone, but it was dropped

-had 2 WR wide open in the endzone, but put head down and ran for no gain

-utilized pump fake very well, then threw over the middle to the running back for a first down

-took a bad sack. Had time to get rid of it, but tried to use his feet to create

-used play action and great protection to find Thompson open in the endzone for a TD. Not a good looking pass though

-another nice play action fake, threw a wobbly pass to Harper for first down

-nice ball on corner route, but DB came up to make a great play for deflection

-good at reading his blocks, gains big yards on long run

-audibles at goalline. Throws pretty fade to Harper for a TD

Overview: He’s not an accomplished thrower, but his throws get where they need to be. Makes up for it with his ground game. Does look a step slower this year, though.

Check page 2 for notes on the Kansas State defenders and a few MO State Bears.

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