2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati

September 11th, 2012


How did Aaron Donald perform in last night’s game? (Photo: atlanticcoastconvos.com)



KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

This game isn’t loaded with blue chip prospects, but Cincy and Pitt do have some interesting prospects to say the least. Head inside and see what I’m talking about.



#1 RB Ray Graham

-put together well

-hits the hole with urgency, no hesitation

-plants and cuts to the outside, shows good speed around the corner

-looks somewhat unsure of surgically repaired knee early in this game

-plants and reversed field, made 2 defenders miss

-gaining more confidence in his knee, showing of some fancy footwork

-head down, ran directly into pile for no gain

-dangerous in open field, broke numerous tackles after catch

-balance is a positive

-showed vision and agility on long run, started with a cutback away from traffic

-looked good making defenders miss, getting more comfortable as game goes on

-slipped thru multiple tackle attempts on long run

Overview: Has the looks and skills to be an effective back at the next level. Good to see him trusting his knee. I imagine him only getting batter as the season goes on. Very high on Ray Graham.

#83 TE Hubie Graham

-failed on chip block attempt

-blocking needs some work

-solid down block attempt, made good contact but man slipped off to make tackle

-left game with shoulder injury

Overview: Graham has some work to do in every aspect of his game. Wasn’t used in the passing game very often and his blocking is below average at best.

#15 WR Devin Street*

-lined up outside most of the game

-got open deep, ran passed the DB, but ball was overthrown

-tough catch on quick slant with defender draped on his back

-made another tough grab in traffic, broke a couple tackles to get the first down

-lined up in slot, makes catch on slant route

-made a tough diving grab, tucked ball away before hitting the turf to secure the ball.

-was injured on the last catch

Overview: Tall, slender WR could add on about 20 lbs and I’d like him more. He has the injury bug, but also has some talent.

#87 WR Mike Shanahan

-outside WR

-huge target

-down field blocking is a positive

-good hands, goes up over the middle and gets it in traffic

-outside WR, runs hitch route, catches the ball with hands and turns up field for a few yards

-nice grab on sideline, protects the ball with his big body

Overview: Big WR, almost TE size. Could see some teams in the NFL using him in that role. Makes tough catches and isn’t afraid of contact.

#18 S Jared Holley

-bad angle on 2nd TD pass. Met the ball carrier in the endzone

-read the screen pass, came up and made the play for a loss

-sent on a blitz up the middle

-can’t catch up with the mobile QB on a long run

Overview: Doesn’t have much speed in the back end. Isn’t afraid to come up and get his nose dirty in the run game.

#97 DT Aaron Donald*

-Big bodied defensive lineman, not very tall tough

-clogged middle,

-quick into the backfield

-moves around, played both defensive tackle and end

-gets off a double team to get good pressure. Used his quickness and a strong club move

-very good at knifing thru blocks

-gives up too much of his body at times. Turns sideways when trying to get off a block and gets pushes around at times

Overview: His hustle definitely is never in question, but his technique needs a lot of work. Gets into the backfield by outworking his opponent.

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