2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Syracuse vs. Northwestern

September 4th, 2012

We came away impressed with Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib. (Photo: Jason O. Watson/US Presswire)



KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

This was a wild game. Filled with quite a few big plays, penalties, mistakes and depending on who you were wanting to win, missed calls. Haven’t watched much of Syracuse football over the years, but came away impressed with the Big East member. The Orange have a few defenders that caught my eye and I really like their QB. Northwestern has a few players worth checking out as well. Head inside for my notes on this game.


#12 QB Ryan Nassib

-good size for position

-shows a clean, quick release

-hits tight end over the middle, shows nice zip

-throws on the run to the right, delivers a nice ball for big gain

-looked over his available WR to the left, delivers a strike

-handles himself well in the pocket, you can tell he’s a college football vet

-showed improv skills by flipping ball to running back while being chased from behind

-gets too cute on an unnecessary jump throw, ball is too high for receiver

-throws another rocket, complete

-throws the short ball very well

-threw ball away when nothing was there

-felt pressure, took off running for positive gain

-beauty of a pass to wr on post route, but dropped

-another nice throw on quick out

-intercepted on drop and deflection by WR, chased down defender to save the TD

-clobbered by blitzing LB, threw ball up for grabs to get rid of it, left game with wind knocked out of him

-came back next series, pass is deflected at line of scrimmage, but caught by WR

-good with ball fakes/quick pitches/ tosses

-tight spiral and good placement over the middle to the TE

-on the run, throws a nice ball for first down

-under pressure, overthrew WR nearly picked off

-very good at throwing on the run, shows strong arm throwing to the corner of the endzone for a TD

-quick, quick release

-slight underthrow to WR on deep TD pass

Overview: Impressed. Has a big arm, pocket presence and confidence. Looks the part as well. After one game, he has made a very good impression.

#11 MLB Marquis Spruill

-fought thru trash to make a big hit on the scrambling QB

-works off downfield block to make big hit on QB

-has tight hips in coverage

-moves well in open field, ran down a WR

-played patty-cake with OL while running back ran past him

-blatant roughing the passer penalty, ball was way gone before he made contact

-big tackle for loss on blitz

Overview: Started off strong, but vanished throughout the game. Would like to see him be a more consistent player.

#13 DL Deon Goggins

-lined up at DT most of the game

-slow off the line at times

-ran past a cut block attempt, gave chase to the QB

-big push on center, knocked him back into the pocket

-double teamed, pushed back 5 yards

-gets upfield, but is not effective. Puts hand down and drives

Overview: Looks out of place. Has some skills and a strong base, but not a good option at defensive tackle.

#21 SS Shamarko Thomas

-lined up with slot WR/TE

-on the kickoff coverage team

-makes open field tackle on QB

-drilled QB on blitz from outside left tackle

-sent on blitz, beat right tackle off line, destroyed QB and forced fumbled

-went down with cramps

-comes up and crushes WR after the catch

#10 DE Markus Pierce-Brewster

-comes thru line unblocked, hits RB in the backfield, can’t finish the play

-another missed TFL, QB runs for big gain

-dip and rip under RT to get good pressure

-comes across the field to make downfield tackle

-consistently in the backfield

-ran downfield to make the tackle, big hit

-knocked to ground on big run to his side

-cuts between TE and RT to make a TFL

Overview: Unlike his teammate, he got better as the game went on. Looks like he could be a defensive end or outside linebacker prospect.

Head to page 2 for Northwestern player notes.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Deon Goggins played DT for the better of the team due to injuries. He is only 270-275lbs this kid will become a beast playing the DE Position at the next level

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