Kansas City Chiefs: Short List Of GM Candidates

October 15th, 2012

If Scott Pioli were to lose his job, #7 would be the biggest reason why. (Photo: ESPN)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

I know, I know. The Chiefs have a General Manager, one that is rumored to have signed an extension. One that, in my opinion, has done a pretty damn good job building a roster. A GM that has re-signed most every important piece on this team. I’m all for Scott Pioli remaining in Kansas City as the Chiefs GM. As long as the stubborness regarding Matt Cassel leaves town.

I just watched the Football Life episode Cleveland 95. It makes me think that had the Browns stayed in Cleveland and retained Bill Belichick, along with his group of All Star scouts and coaches, they would’ve won multiple Super Bowls. My point is that I want to watch his plan unfold with all the pieces in place. The QB (and maybe a Defensive Coordinator) are really the only major pieces left in this puzzle.

With all this being said, I wanted to be prepared for the chance that Scott Pioli is fired at some point during the 2013 season. Let me say it again though, I wouldn’t agree with the choice.

When I was compiling this list, I looked at the model franchises first. There has to be a reason those teams are always stocked with talented reserves, ready to step in when a free agent leaves. A lot of times, the good teams know when it’s time to say goodbye to a player, whether he’s on the top of his game or not.

It seems that the teams I picked from have a very high success rate on their early round draft picks and strike gold later in the draft more times than the lesser teams. Some would call this luck, I call it doing your homework and outworking other staffs.

This is another reason why I’m in favor of keeping Pioli and his crew around. I’m willing to bet that nobody works harder or is more prepared than the Chiefs front office on draft day and in regards to pro personnel.

I’m sure most die-hard NFL fans (all of you reading this) can figure out which teams I selected a candidate from. Take a second and think about it….Did you come up with the Steelers, Ravens, Packers and Giants? If so, you are correct. I threw in a few wild card candidates and absolutely no Patriots.

Check this out and tell me what you think or who you would add or subtract from the list. Remember, I am not for Scott Pioli losing his job, this is just an informative piece to get you ready in case Clark Hunt takes the advice of the banner in the picture below and “Fires Pioli”.

This banner was flown over Arrowhead Stadium previous to last Sunday’s game vs the Ravens. It says: We deserve better! Fire Pioli – Bench Cassel (Photo: The Big Lead)


Baltimore Ravens- Vincent Newsome Director of Pro Personnel

Pittsburgh Steelers- Omar Khan Director of Football & Business Administration

Pittsburgh Steelers- Brandon Hunt Pro Personnel Coordinator

Houston Texans- Mike Maccagnan Director of College Scouting

Green Bay Packers- John Dorsey Director of Football Operations

Green Bay Packers- Brian Gutenkunst Director of College Scouting

Atlanta Falcons- David Caldwell Director of Pro Personnel

New York Giants- Marc Ross Director of College Scouting

Philadelphia Eagles- Louis Riddick Director of Pro Personnel

Tennessee Titans- Lake Dawson Vice President of Pro Personnel

This is an extremely strong group. From top to bottom, I can see every one of these men running an NFL franchise one day. Which is the best for the Chiefs, though?

Taking everything into consideration, I can probably cross off a number of these candidates. Due to youth and inexperience in their current position, I would like them to gain a bit more seasoning before making such a large investment. This makes me take my susperstar choice off the list, Omar Khan.

Khan was a hot target last offeason by the St Louis Rams. He made the correct decision though, and remained in Pittsburgh. I say correct decision because, unless you’re Bill Parcells or Mike Holmgren, you only get one shot to run an NFL franchise. Being such a hot commodity allows you to be selective.

Other guys crossed off in my first round of cuts were:

Lake Dawson- Even though I would love to see the former Chiefs WR get the team back to the level it was at when he was catching passes from Joe Montana, he is still too fresh on his new job. If the Chiefs are in need of a GM in 3 years, Lake is on my short list of candidates.

Brandon Hunt- Surprisingly enough, that takes each of the Steelers candidates off my GM short list. Hunt is in his very early 30′s, which is young for such a demanding position. He has been molded in the Steelers scouting department and should be ready to take on the job after, once again, gaining experience in his current role.

Louis Riddick- The Eagles Director of Pro Personnel, has also served in the same role with the Washington Redskins. My question is: Why hasn’t he moved forward at either spot?

Here is my short list:

Vincent Newsome, Mike Maccagnan, John Dorsey, Brian Gutenkurst, David Caldwell and Marc Ross.

With my favorite of this group being the New York Giants Marc Ross.

New York Giants GM Jerry Reese had this to say about Ross last January:

‘‘He’s a veteran personnel guy and has been around two or three different clubs, so he’s seen how things are done differently at different places,’’ Reese said. ‘‘And he’s smart. He’s a people person, a terrific evaluator, and he’s qualified.’’

The Giants consistently make the right moves on draft day, and Ross has been a big part of the success. He has learned this trade working with different organizations throughout the years including the Giants, Bills and Eagles.

Ross had interviews set up last offseason with the Bears, Colts and Rams. So other teams have taken notice of this superstar GM prospect. Ross is young, but experienced. He isn’t tied to a certain “Way” if you will. Even if he is, the “Giants Way” is much more sound on draft day.

He has been responsible for the drafting of such players like: Jason Pierre-Paul, Brian Westbrook, Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz to name a few.

He was also the NFL’s youngest ever National Scouting Director when he was put in that position at the age of 27 by the Philadelphia Eagles.

If the rumors are true and Scott Pioli is fired during this season, even as soon as next week, this would be the first call I would make. Although, I’m not sure of how hiring a GM works mid season, has something like this been down before? Looks like we might find out in Kansas City over the bye week.


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8 Responses to “Kansas City Chiefs: Short List Of GM Candidates”

  1. brian says:

    Oh please… gag me with the toilet plunger. Seriously people, it’s been over a decade since we’ve had consistancy out of this team. It’s time for the owners to clean house and get people in who can do the job.

  2. philip s says:

    How can you applaud scott for his draft preparedness with flops like tyler Jackson, Jonathan Baldwin, Dontari Poe and his handpicked free agent QB Matt Cassel

    • Ptah says:

      I believe that Dontari Poe has progressed well as the season has gone along . Another year of OTA’s and summer camp and we’ll soon have a beast of a NT out there at one Arrowhead drive . I have seen visibly much improvement too in Tyson Jackson’s play this year . More than ever since he’s been here , what about 3 or 3 years now ! I’m not totally a Tyson Jackson fan either , but having played and coached , I know improvement when I’ve seen it . The other two Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel , I don’t care where they end up . As long as it’s not with my KC Chiefs ok !

  3. Steven Hart says:

    If Pioli must go then this team needs someone like Bill Polian. I would like to see Marty hired on as a veep player personnel

  4. Alex says:

    Given that you are not keen on firing Pioli, why is it that you say absolutely no Patriots?
    The first draft after Pioli left wasn’t great, but New England unquestionably had the best draft in 2010, and the last two are looking pretty good too.
    Just wondering about your logic, rather than getting overly defensive.

    • Jason Madson says:

      It was more of a facetious comment than anything. If Bill Belichick were available, I’d gladly take him as GM in Kansas City.

      • Ptah says:

        Ok ! Now you’re talking , because age hasn’t anything to do with being a good GM . It’s about the results you get while doing the job is what counts most , consistency year in year out ! Ala Pittsburgh Steelers , New York Giants , and the New England Patriots are the elite when it comes down to it winning consistency . It gives you multiple chances to reach far into the playoffs and maybe get to a Super Bowl !

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