My Five-Point Plan To Fix The Chiefs

October 17th, 2012


Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has to win the fans back.


KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

To steal the plan from Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, I have 5 steps to get the Chiefs to the top. We could use a “One-step plan” too, which would be to simply start winning games. From the looks of this season, that’s not happening consistently any time soon. So let’s get these steps going.

I’m not going to bore you with the politics side of the plan, but I based each of mine of what Romney stated in each step. Clark, you follow this plan and the Chiefs will be back on top sooner than later.

STEP 1: Clean House

By the end of this season, I want to see the wheels in motion on a whole new regime.

Starting with GM Scott Pioli. Either extend him or fire him, don’t drag this out. There are numerous talented GM prospects around the league. I’d like to have first dibs on a few of them if Pioli doesn’t return.

Next is Head Coach Romeo Crennel. He is gone, at least as HC. I want a guy in this position that knows what is going on at all times with his team. It’s unacceptable to say you don’t know why your team played this way or that. You’re the coach. If Romeo would accept a demotion to defensive coodinator, I’d take it.

Place Matt Cassel on the bench for the remainder of the season, then release him the last day of the season. The fans are done with him, so there is no reason to bring him back. Ever. I’m fine with Brady Quinn starting the remainder of the season. He will help the Chiefs lock up a top 3 draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Starting with these three moves, then purge the roster of any players that don’t want to be here or the new GM/Coach aren’t fans of.

STEP 2: Hire Their Replacements

If Scott Pioli is fired, I have already put together a list of potential GMs. Check it here. If he is fired, my choice for the next GM is Marc Ross from the NY Giants. That article also explains my decison, but it’s mainly the organization he comes from, his youth and his experience.  If Pioli is retained, he needs to get advisement from multiple sources before hiring his 3rd head coach. This would more than likely be his last hire at the position.

Head coach is an easy choice for me, throw a blank check at Oregon’s Chip Kelly. He turned down a deal with the Bucs last year at the last minute. His style would bring excitement back to Arrowhead. To make some happy, myself included, promote Nick Siriani to offensive coordinator. This takes some of the pressure off Kelly, but he still has his finger prints all over the offense.

If Romeo Crennel doesn’t accept the demotion to defensive coordinator, which is understandable, then I have a couple of candidates. Mike Singletary or Kevin Greene would be my top 2 choices for the Defensive Coordinator. Either one of these 2 men would bring a fire and some attitude to a defense that sorely needs it. The Cheifs are talented, but soft at the moment.

Give the new staff the tools they need to develop a dominant team in the image of Kansas City.

STEP 3: Draft A Quarterback

We’re done with Matt Cassel in Kansas City. DONE! Brady Quinn too. Get them both off the roster in 2013.  I’d go into next year with Ricky Stanzi as my QB, just because I’m so sick and tired of the trash Cassel and Quinn have put on the field. Time to start fresh.

Draft a QB and if it is neccessary to trade up to get the guy we want by developing relationships with other teams and GMs, instead of trying to outsmart them, we will.

With the likelihood that the Chiefs will have a draft pick in the top 3, they should have their choice of the top QBs. Everyone wants Geno Smith, and I’m fine with this. But be prepared if he isn’t available when the Chiefs draft. Other options include: Matt Barkley, Tyler Bray, Tyler Wilson and my personal favorite Logan Thomas. My point in this is that the Chiefs will have the opportunity to draft a very talented player at a position of need. The new GM would gain instant popularity by drafting a franchise QB in his first draft.

I know step 3 is titled draft a QB, but Joe Flacco is an UFA nezt year. Likely to get franchised, I’d give up 2 first round picks to sign the Big-armed QB.

STEP 4: The Fans Built Arrowhead, Bring Back The Magic

The magic is gone. Fans are reaching the end of loyalty. Until they feel something in return, it’s only going to get worse at Arrowhead.

We as season ticket holders appreciate the kind gesture this year. I love my authentic Tamba Hali jersey that I received as a free gift for being a loyal season ticket holder. This was a good start, but you can do better.

I’m sure the cost of parking could go down a few bucks, same with beer and other in stadium food. The price of tickets is reasonable, but does the product on the field match the cost?

To ensure every Chiefs fan comes back to Arrowhead Stadium on a regular basis, lower the cost of everything until the play on the field is at a consistent winning level.

Clark has said we are the best fans in the NFL, might that be because we pay regardless of whether the Chiefs win or lose? Give us a break and we mght be willing to give you one in the future.

Making decisions about who to hire/fire or start/sit shouldn’t be made by the fans, and I understand that completely. When the losses pile up though and certain players are continually trotted out on the field, it gets frustrating. Changes have to be made.

STEP 5: Win A Lot Of Football Games

Become Champions at every level of this organization. Replacing the “Right 53″ with a “Winning 53″ would be a good place to start.

You can have all the smart, big, fast, handsome, good at math, funny, great jaw lines, good in the community, romantic etc players you want, but I want good football players. I don’t want to fill my team with murderers or drug dealers, but if they have some character issues and can play, sign them.

This team can’t afford to turn down any talent, and actually could use an attitude injection.

After following the first 4 steps, step 5 will be a breeze. Get a new philosophy in here, surround it with talented coaches and draft a franchise QB. The fans will be back in full force if you do one of those things, do all 3 and Arrowhead will be the place to be again on Sunday’s in Kansas City.

Now, Clark Hunt, you can sit back and watch your team win ball games.

I am Jason Madson and I approved this message.

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2 Responses to “My Five-Point Plan To Fix The Chiefs”

  1. Will says:

    Geno smith will suck in the nfl I’m sorry but it’s true
    Alex smith is a possibility
    Otherwise I like this plan

  2. NICE says:

    This x 1,000

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