WolfPack BBQ Tailgate Recipe vs Baltimore Ravens: PIT BEEF

October 5th, 2012


We’re here to help you out with tailgating recipes. (Photo: places and patypie)

KCCD Contributor: Brad Jennings

When I was a boy, one thing my father pounded into my head was to not freak out about what I could not control. As I watched turnover after turnover after turnover after… you get my point; I did not worry, I did walk out of Arrowhead (even though I applaud those who did), I didn’t even go home and drink myself into a stupor. No my friends, I stayed cool, calm, and collected because I knew what I could control. The tailgate, was perfect.

Walking into Arrowhead last Sunday I couldn’t help but notice something that broke my heart. Every tailgate I passed had almost the exact same thing: Burgers, Hotdogs, brats, or chicken. What happened Kansas City, did our balls fall off? We’re Kansas City, we host the World Series of BBQ, no one does BBQ like we do, even the largest BBQ society in America is named the Kansas City Barbeque Society. We can do better, we must do better. They can take our wins, But they will never take our FREEDOM!!!… to BBQ delicious food. When you have to shell out $27 or more each and every home game, don’t settle for burgers and dogs, no, make sure what you can control is perfect so at least half your game day experience is worthwhile.

I understand, most people just don’t know what to grill. Burgers and dogs are cheap, and as long as the beer is cold then who cares? Let me tell you something, on the way home from the Game last Sunday a particularly attractive young lady said “well at least the tailgate was awesome,” Somebody cares, and that means you should care.

My point of this is to help, if you want it. My goal is to make cheap tailgate food that isn’t difficult yet will impress your fellow tailgaters.

Each week I will post something different to help you have great food at your tailgate, and will be something that people can’t wait to eat. This week, we will be tailgating one of Baltimore’s staples, the Pit Beef.

Pit Beef

2 ½ – 4 lbs. of Top Round, depending on the size of your tailgate.

1 White onion, sliced thin

Horseradish Sauce, you find this at any grocery store.

Kaiser rolls or hamburger buns

In Baltimore, this is all you need to make the Pit Beef. If you want a twist:

Pick up a rub or steak rub at the grocery store that isn’t sugar based, because sugar will burn at such high temperatures. Check the ingredients, and if the first thing listed is not sugar, then you should be fine. Apply liberally up to 12 hours before your tailgate, or you could apply right before you toss it on the grill.

You can also grab some BBQ sauce, if some are not a fan of horseradish sauce, though this will not be considered pit beef. I suggest KC Cowtown or Blueshog BBQ sauce.

Heat your grill up to hot. Turn beef frequently to ensure even cooking and take off the grill when the internal temperature reaches 120 degrees, for rare (30-40 minutes). Once temperature is achieved take off the grill and let rest for 5 minutes, so juices can redistribute and the whole thing is juicy.

Slice the beef thin and pile high on the roll or bun. Top with white onion and horseradish sauce.

That’s it. Eat. Get praise. Be a champion.

I will take some photos of our tailgate Sunday and see about getting them posted here. Follow WolfpackBBQ on facebook or on twitter @WolfPackBBQ.

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  1. Just to be specific, you can also use a bottom round, but the meat should be a roast.

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