2013 Chiefs NFL Mock Draft

December 19th, 2012

Xavier Rhodes would bea welcome addition to the Chiefs depleted secondary. (Photo: Lynne Sladky)

KCCD Writer: Jonathan Hake

1. Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

The Chiefs must take a chance on a signal caller with the number one overall pick. The number one QB on my board is Geno Smith. He possesses great footwork, a quick release, the ability to diagnose a defense presnap and audible, as well as the ability to go through multiple reads. He doesn’t often force throws but he will put the ball in a place where the WR can make a play and nobody else can.

2. Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida St

A big, physical corner that excels in man coverage, Rhodes has the ability to lock up a receiver and nullify him from the offense. I have him sliding to the second round due to the talent in this cornerback class. With Flowers and Arenas the Chiefs are starting two sub 5’ 10” corners and they could use a tall shutdown corner to help against tall wide receivers.

3. Cobi Hamilton, WR, Arkansas

Hamilton excels at getting open down the field and punishing a defense. The Chiefs have lacked a deep ball threat in recent years as well as a QB to get the ball to him. Hamilton has shown the toughness to make catches over the middle as well as the speed to run past the defense for deep passes in a tough conference.

4. E.J. Manuel, QB, Florida St

Manuel has improved over the years but he is still a project QB. He provides a developmental QB to put behind Smith. I would add a veteran as the number two quarterback and allow Manuel time to learn from an NFL developmental staff.

5. Baker Steinkuhler, DE, Nebraska

Baker is a physical defensive tackle that excels in run defense. He is 6’ 6” and a lean 290 lbs with room to grow. He could help in the defensive end rotation as another run stuffer. He could develop a steady pass rush with more strength added through an NFL strength program.

6. Bruce Taylor, ILB, Virginia Tech

Taylor is a late round flyer on a potential SILB prospect. He has the size and physicality to be a run stuffer in the Chiefs 3-4 defense. Siler is not the answer here and the position isn’t important enough to warrant an early pick.

7. Jared Holley, S, Pittsburgh

Jared Holley has solid instincts and has been a contributor at Pitt. Lewis and Berry will hopefully be the starter here for years but adding a young player to push the starters and add potential depth would help eliminate the unknowns playing in the secondary.

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3 Responses to “2013 Chiefs NFL Mock Draft”

  1. frank H says:

    We need a stronger and smarter younger offensive line. Qb no.Will Shield as a coach for the offensive technique coach. I say bring in new ideas.(Marty S. style draft picks)We have a lots of good players.Focus on the offensive line mentally toughness. In fact ,bring a coach who really want to coach a team and willing to build it up. Marty S ,son would be a good start.Please dont give Coach Guden a thought!!!!

  2. Nate says:

    I really hope they don’t go QB with the #1 pick. The difference between Smith, Wilson, Barkley, and Glennon in terms of talent and potential isn’t much in my opinion. We should take one of the best players in this weak class #1 and then trade back into the first and get a QB. We can get one of the four later.

  3. Andrew says:

    Love the Rhodes pick. And EJ Manuel would be great value. Not sure if they’ll go Geno#1 overall.

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