Chiefs GM and Head Coach Candidates

December 30th, 2012


Marc Ross has to be a top candidate for the Chiefs GM position, if Pioli isfired that is.

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

Rumors. Nothing but rumors throughout this season. He’s fired after week 8, week 11, after the Belcher tragedy. Pioli is staying, but Romeo is fired or retiring. We have no idea what is going on in Clark Hunt’s mind, but we will be prepared for anything that could happen within the next few hours.

I wrote an article earlier this season about GM candidates which you can read here. I mentioned the fact that I wouldn’t mind Scott Pioli coming back. My views have changed slightly since that article. He built a good, not great, roster. The QB situation is terrible and that is a fireable offense. Young players aren’t developing, so the coaches aren’t doing their jobs either. Pioli failed to build a solid coaching staff.

His head coach, Romeo Crennel, is among the league’s top defensive minds, but he’s not suited to lead a team. We knew this last year when he was keeping the seat warm for Todd Haley’s replacement. Romeo has done an admirable job dealing with all the losses, fan unrest and worst of all, watching a player take his own life. 2012 is a tough way to go out, but this team is better than 2 wins.

Enough talk about this nightmare of a season. Time to put 2012 behind us and look ahead. I’m feeling that both Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel are fired soon, so let’s look at a few candidates to replace them.

Replacing Pioli

Marc Ross NY Giants

Young and good at his job, Ross is my favorite for the position. The Giants are out of the playoffs, so Ross can come in immediately to begin the turnaround. Ross is a tremendous candidate because he is very intelligent and made some draft picks that have turned out very well in New York. He could bring in the Giants current DC Perry Fewell too. We’ll discuss him later.

Omar Khan Pittsburgh Steelers

You can’t go wrong taking a front office employee from Pittsburgh. Khan is another young GM prospect that is getting more and more popular throughout the NFL. He turned down a few job offers last year looking for the right place, what could be better than Kansas City? Talented roster, top draft pick, cap room and great fans. The Chiefs job couldn’t be any more attractive.

Bill Polian ESPN

Polian has been the most talked about candidate on this short list. He’s turned multiple franchises into contenders and has connections throughout the NFL. Defenitely the most established of the group, but also pushing 70 years of age. He also brings with him his son and I’m not sure how much I like the thought of a GM in waiting.

Replacing Crennel

Chip Kelly Oregon Ducks

Hottest name on the market. Every fan of a team that needs a Head Coach wants Chip Kelly. I compare Chip to Jimmy Johnson coming out of Miami. Same age, stature, both win a ton of games, NFL style practices and innovative in what they do. Johnson moving smaller faster players around on his defense and Chip utilizing a plug and play system. Some think Chip Kelly could bring the MoneyBall theory to the NFL. This has to interest Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

Bruce Arians Colts OC

Been in the NFL longer than I have been alive. He’s seen it all and been schooled in a lot of different areas. He’s 60 years old, but that isn’t horribly old for a HC. He got his first glimpse of being a head coach this season, filling in for Chuck Pagano while he was recovering. Bruce led the Colts to an 11-5 record, the playoffs and did a tremendous job developing rookie QB Andrew Luck. The Chiefs will undoubtedly have some young QBs on the roster, which Arians has experience developing. Big Ben and Luck are 2 great examples.

Perry Fewell DC NY Giants

Fewell is a great DC. He has one of the top front 7′s in all of football. The Chiefs need some help in this area. With young tackles like Dontari Poe and Jerell Powe needing more seasoning, this could be a great hire. Fewell’s been in the NFL for 15 years and has been successful at every spot. He served as interim HC for the Bills to end the 2009 season, going 3-4 to finish. The Chiefs would bring pressure more than they do now, utilizing Justin Houston and Tamba Hali how they should be.

Mike McCoy OC Denver

McCoy was my choice as Chiefs Offensive Coordinator last season before he went to Denver. He worked with the QBs and offense in Carolina for nearly 10 years before getting his first coordinator opportunity last season. All you need to know McCoy is that he created a gameplan for Tim Tebow that took the Broncos into the second week of the playoffs. This season he has worked flawlessly with Peyton Manning as his QB, which is a much easier job. McCoy being another QB guru is reason enough for me to put him on this list.

Kyle Shanahan OC Washington

This name might not be popular in Kansas City, based on who his father is, but he is a future star head coach. He is only 33 years old and has a fiery attitude, but the results speak for themselves. Having been around the game his entire life, mostly in the NFl, he has seen every situation possible. Kyle is a student of the game, studying and watching film to learn every bit of info he can. We saw what happened when Josh McDaniels got his first HC gig at a very young age, it didn’t work out well. He has wroked well with RG3 and Kirk Cousins this year, proving he can also develop young QBs.

My top GM candidate is still Marc Ross from the Giants. The Giants are a model franchise,winning 2 Super Bowls in the past few years. He has helped to build that roster. The Head Coach is a tricky selection. My favorite is Chip Kelly, but the risk is huge with college coaches. That being considered, I think Bruce Arians is the next head coach of the Chiefs.

A combo of Ross and Arians would work well together. This duo isn’t 2 extremely old or young candidates, they are the perfect complements. Arians as head coach with 2 solid coordinators, especially on the defensive side would be a great start to the coaching staff.

The main thing I want in the new hires is a tremendous working relationship and trust. These are 2 things the Chiefs haven’t had for a long time. The Pioli era will be remembered as a huge failure and he has no one to blame but himself. Trust issues, insecurity and forcing Cassel down his head coaches throats.

Clark Hunt, when hiring his new general manager, should ask his potential hires questions about such issues. Ask how he would fix this team and what choices/decisions would they have handled differently. Maybe start buy looking for answers that go against what Pioli belived in and go from there.

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  1. nepd says:

    How about a package deal of Cousins and Shanahan?

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