Kansas City Chiefs 7 Round Mock Draft

December 7th, 2012

Tyrann Mathieu would be a nice addition to the Chiefs secondary. (Photo: LSUSports.net)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

We only have 4 weeks of football left in Kansas City in 2012. The roster we thought was among the leagues most talented and deepest in preseason hasn’t lived up to the hype. The positions that will need upgrades are obvious and if they weren’t I received numerous messages on Twitter about which positions need to be upgraded.

Some mocks might say that there aren’t any “franchise” QBs available, but I see it differently. Look at the draft with Matt Ryan. Many said the exact same things about him and now he’s an MVP candidate. My point is, we need a QB in Kansas City desperately and we will have our choice. Target a QB and go get him. The fans will support it just for the fact you are trying to improve the position.

The rest of this draft I filled with help in areas of need. Defensive back, Wide Receiver and Defensive Line to name a few. Let me know what you think or how you would handle this in the comments.

Round 1

Geno Smith QB West Virginia – The Chiefs need to select a QB in the first round. My personal favorite is Geno Smith. He has something the Chiefs haven’t had in a while, accuracy. Some will say that’s because of his offensive system, but it doesn’t bother me. He completes a high number of balls downfield as well, throwing a tight ball. As he doesn’t use his feet as much as I’d like, they are still something that defenses will have to think about.

Geno suffered through some midseason “struggles”, but this coincided with the loss of running back Shawne Alston to injury. He ended the season with 4000 yards and a nearly 7-1 TD to INT ratio. That’s unheard of. Once his big running back was back in the mix, he started to get back in the groove, completing nearly 80% of his passes.

The Chiefs have the running game to allow Geno to utilize his pretty play action fakes and hit one of the Chiefs WR in stride with a beautiful strike. I like how he uses subtle head fakes and pumps to move defenders as well. He is as good as advertised.

Geno has the arm, pocket pressence, legs and fire the Chiefs need to lead this franchise to a Super Bowl. Make the pick!

Round 2

Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee – This pick is me preparing for the loss of Dwayne Bowe. Patterson has what the Chiefs currently lack, a WR to stretch the field and a dynamic kick returner. CP can be used in many ways, just get him the ball in space and let his talent wow you.

Cordarrelle isn’t the most polished route runner and suffers the occasional dropped pass, but his potential outweighs these. He’s got the physical tools that make you drool. He’s scored TDs this year as a receiver, running back and kick returner. He would quickly form a dynamic duo with Chiefs number one pick Geno Smith.

Round 3

Tyrann Mathieu DB LSUI mocked the “Honey Badger” to the Chiefs this preseason in round 1. This, in my eyes, is a similar pick to the Justin Houston selection. A supreme talent at a discount. Yeah, being dismissed from your team andnot playing the entire season is a big deal, but in the NFL it won’t matter.

Mathieu is a ball hawking, fearless defensive back that the Chiefs could use in multiple positions. He is also deadly with the ball in his hands, whether it’s from an interception or a punt return. He adds yet another weapon that the Chiefs could use in many ways. Free Safety, cornerback, return man and even a few plays on the offensive side of the ball.

Round 4

Shamarko Thomas SS Syracuse – This pick added to the previous selection of Mathieu add to a short handed Chiefs secondary. Shamarko is a missile when he comes up to help vs the run. He is what I call the anti-Kendrick Lewis who is either still injured or afraid to get hurt again. We as Chiefs fans won’t complain about Thomas being afraid to hit.

Thomas has some weaknesses in his coverage skills, but will dislodge a WR from the ball any chance he gets. I don’t mind a guy who gets a few targeting penalties playing in my secondary. He will put the fear of going across the middle into opposing receivers. He’s susceptible to play action and pump fakes in coverage as well.

Shamarko would be an instant contributor in special teams and could replace a vet like Lewis if the olay tackling continues.

Round 5

Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse – Two Syracuse Orange in a row? Yep! Two QBs in the same draft? Yep! This team needs a complete overhaul of the QB position and Nassib looks like a perfect candidate to be a member of this team. He can come in and spell Geno if needed. Nassib is intelligent and can play ball. His arm is nowhere near that of Geno’s, but he makes plays and is fearless in the pocket.

The addition of Smith and Nassib to this roster should make most Chiefs fans feel better about the roster. With the way Brady Quinn handled the past week with the tragedies surrounding this team, I think he may have earned another year as a placeholder in the eyes of the fans. He was a true leader when this team needed him to be.

Round 6

Kapron Lewis-Moore DE Notre Dame – With a good chance that Glenn Dorsey and/or Tyson Jackson are gone in the offseason, the Chiefs need to add a big man up front. KLM has experience as a 3-4 DE at Notre Dame and pitched in some pass rush for the Irish this season with 6.5 sacks. He could add to the rotation with Ropati Pitoitua, Shaun Smith and Allen Bailey if neither of the LSU first round picks return to the Chiefs.

This isn’t a flashy pick, but he is talented and fits a need with Kansas City.

Round 7

Michael Hill RB Missouri Western – Most of you have probably never heard of this local stud. He was the MIAA offensive player of the year and is up for the small class Heisman Trophy Award. He is a powerful runner that gets great yards after contact. He ran for 2000 yards in the stadium the Chiefs run their training camp. They have to know about this guy.

Watch for him to make the small school combine and a possible invite to an All Star game this offseason.


The Chiefs finally added a first round QB,which will make the fans happy. With Geno being the face of the franchise, the Chiefs can finally enter the new NFL where throwing the football is a must to win. The other additions add youth and athleticism to an already young roster. This team gets more speed and playmaking ability at the WR and kick/punt returner positions, which they lacked this year.

This draft doesn’t add a much needed inside linebacker or depth to the offensive line, but with money in the salary cap bank the Chiefs can fill these positions in free agency, hopefully.




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17 Responses to “Kansas City Chiefs 7 Round Mock Draft”

  1. Keil says:

    Can’t stand any of the qb’s, waisted picks in my opinion. 1 round J. Jones (UG) or Manteo (ND) in round 1…..unless we trade down. Like 2 and 3, unlikely that the Honey Badger will be there at 3 though…. NE will pick him up in the late 2nd round. Trade down with St.L and aquire both of 1st round picks and a 3rd. Convert to a 4-3 D and pick up some linemen and a 2nd round QB (Wilson or Jones).

    • Jason Madson says:

      I’m all for trading down, but it’s hard to do. Maybe if Clowney were in this draft, STL would give up both ones. Tell me why you don’t like Geno or Nassib.

      • Keil says:

        When Gino Smith played against true competition his “great numbers” fell and his ints increased….. Kansas State. When you’re talking about the #1 pick in the draft, you have to get a sure thing. I don’t feel that Gino is a sure thing….nor is Barkley. The numbers that Smith put up against weak opposition were wonderful! However when the schedule got tougher numbers fell and they didn’t win games. Bottom line, in a #1 pick….its has to be a winner. I’ve been surprised before though…..we will see what the new regime dies.

        • Cmoran says:

          You sound just like every local radio show or uninformed sports blog around here. I just don’t get it. Maybe geno was simply too good early in the season, because just as soon as the 8td/ 0int performance vs Baylor was in the rearview, everyone suddenly became disappointed in some very efficient qb play. To put numbers to your claim (or the claims you’ve heard everyone else make), the top 5 defenses he faced (kst included), he looked like this: 133/220 (60.5%) for 1,339 yards, a 6.08 YPA, 12 TDs and 5 INTs. That’s not getting it done? Those were his 5 worst games combined. What am I missing? He plays on a very weak team, let’s remember.

          • Jason Madson says:

            What’s your point exactly? I’ve been on the Geno Smith bandwagon since last year. Had the Chiefs selecting him in round 2 in a mock I did in June and steadily moved him up to 1st overall since then. You should follow me on twitter, I defend my stance on Geno everyday. @Jason_Madson.

          • Jason Madson says:

            Never mind, saw you were replying to another comment. Keep up the good fight. #TeamGeno

          • Cmoran says:

            Yes, Jason, that was a reply to Keil. Thank you for being a non-conformist in this article and supporting who I believe is clearly the best qb in this draft. His career numbers are nearly identical to rg3′s in college (geno’s stats are slightly better, in fact) and his senior year he played in the exact same conference as rg3, where his numbers were, yet again, nearly identical. Why do people keep saying “there is no rg3 in this draft.”? No kidding, he was drafted last year. The mountaineers defense is beyond terrible, yet they played in a bowl game, because of geno, they were beat in that bowl game, because geno was unable to overcome the glaring weaknesses of his team, he did not go out and toss 4 ints (or any for that matter), just wasn’t able to light up the ‘cuse defense. Baylor’s offense is still good in rg3′s absence, and I’m willing to bet that wv will struggle mightily without geno, much like the chiefs will next season if they draft someone else. Why was rg3 a better prospect than geno? Because he won a heisman? So did tebow and lineart. Because he doesn’t run a 4.41 like rg3? Funny, the same people who don’t want geno, also seem to be the ones that don’t want a “run first” qb. Good, because geno is a solid pocket passer who started taking classes for gifted kids as early as 9 years old, so intellegence is not a question. He has size and a very accurate, yet strong arm.

          • Keil says:

            So Gino Smith @ #1? That is a awful decision for the franchise that hasn’t selected a #1 qb since 87 I believe. I would accept trading down to a mid 1st round pick and selecting G.Smith……not at 1 though. My information on Smith is all absorbed through my own observations of his play. Perhaps my opinions will change after the Senior Bowl, Combine, and player withouts…..

          • Cmoran says:

            I sure hope I’m wrong, because it would appear that the general opinion is that they are going OT with the first pick. How disgusted will you be if/when geno is selected by, say, Oakland with pick #3, and we have to watch yet another solid qb pick apart the afc west? Tell me, please, because I’ve watched a lot of film on this kid, as well as live games…… just what is it that you/everyone else wants to see geno do, that he doesn’t do? I’m baffled. I have yet to read or see anything on film regarding poor play. Intelligence? Check. Size? Check. Accuracy? Check. Arm strength? Check. Footwork? Check. Mobility? Check. I’ve heard one person say that he’s too hesitant to pull it down and run with it. Isn’t that a good thing? People for years had criticized Vick for being too quick to run. Is it because of the spread offense he played in? That’s more of a “did not”, than a “can not”, wouldn’t you say? I’m sure he can play fine under center, he was simply playing the offense as it was designed at West Virginia.

  2. Nate says:

    Mathieu is my favorite pick but, he’s a nickelback imo. He’s probably better than Arenas but, he’s the same type of player.

    I agree with Nick. If you want to gamble on a player, gamble on Rodgers or Rambo.

    As far as CBs go, check out Melvin White, CB, Louisiana-Lafayette. I have him going in the 4th round of my mock. However, his stock is rising and might go in the 2nd or 3rd. Below are some highlights.


  3. Matthew says:

    Love the first three rounds, hope we keep Bowe though. I would have liked to see an ILB in the mix, don’t we have an extra 3rd round pick for loosing Carr?

  4. Nick sawyer says:

    If you really want a top talent at a discount we should go out and get da’rick rodgers and Baccari Rambo

  5. Evan says:

    Geno smith will be amazing in the NFL. I hope the chiefs draft another WR to go along with bowe. they already have a good RB and after that draft defensive players or o lineman

  6. kody says:

    I don’t see Mathieu being picked in the 3rd round…especially at the top of the 3rd round. He has had multiple issues with the “Green” and even after he went to rehab he has caught with it. Justin Houston only was caught with it in his system at the NFL combine so it was just a one time offense.

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