2013 Chiefs Draft Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs have the following picks going into the 2013 NFL Draft:


Round 1 - Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
Round 3 – Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati
Round 3 – Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas
Round 4 – Nico Johnson, ILB, Alabama
Round 5 – Sanders Commings, CB/S, Georgia
Round 6 – Eric Kush, OC, California (PA)
Round 6 – Braden Wilson, FB, Kansas State
Round 7 – Mike Catapano, DE, Princeton

The Chiefs have traded the following picks away:

Round 2 – Pick 34 (To SF for Alex Smith)

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64 Responses to “2013 Chiefs Draft Picks”

  1. L.Hodge says:

    Who are we targeting as UDFA?

  2. David W says:

    KC needs to get a round 2 pick back. Trading down will not be as lucrative as it was last year, but there’s a real chance to make a move in light of recent events. Geno had a good pro day, and Mike Mayock gave him the nod at being a top 10 pick. The Raiders, the Bills, and the Cardinals are all in the hunt for QB. Although not as sure of a thing as Luck and RGIII, Smith and Barkley are the only real candidates for a team in need of a starting QB. 3 teams – 2 Quarterbacks… Also, Jacksonville at #2 overall brought nearly the whole staff to Smith’s pro day. The Jaguars are also a little needy at QB, and their turnout may prompt a team like the Bills to get nervous. As bad as Buffalo needs a QB, they may not want to sit at #8, while the other 3 pick ahead of them.

  3. KC Tietz says:

    i see the chiefs either picking the kid from texas AM or trading it regardless KC can get a good QB in this years draft maybe a 3rd round or 5th jerry rice was drafted in the late rounds it’s a gem just not showed up yet have faith in the chiefs also i live in WV i have seen geno play he is good yes he cracks under pressure but last season in the orange bowl he put up some great numbers and austin is great wide out if i was andy i would trade the first ovrall pick and grab later 1st and 2 -2nd rounds but teams aren’t going to trade so grab whoever is the best on the board but alex smith he won’t have a good season without some targets get him good wideouts at least see ya guys preseason i hope lol goooo chiefs

  4. obi says:

    I like the trade down to St Louis, plus ask for another pick, maybe a 3rd round or a 5, 6 and 7 to go with the 2 mid-range #1′s. Last year, teams were giving up three high picks to get the top #1 picks.

    • KOLBY says:

      Last year, Andrew Luck and RGIII were available. The Chiefs messed up when they didn’t pick Russell Wilson in round 3, I knew it then, we know it for sure now. Still, I’m glad we got Alex Smith, but Wilson should have been our QB of the future last year.

  5. LSU FAN says:

    Alot of talk, banter and chatter of who or what….I feel if its a linebacker your taking 1st overall he’s got to be better or equal to D. Thomas.(need speed and power…can’t run down a back running a 4.4 with a backer that runs 4.8) As for QB, if they do their homework you can get a good one in the later rounds…Andy Reid is a very good coach and GM and has proven it…probably need to let him breath, i’m sure he’ll bring the chiefs back to the top

  6. Kelsee T says:

    Kc needs to find a way to pick up Tim Tebow so we can have Tebow time in Kc from there we need to draft Teo with our first round pick.

  7. DieHard_ChiefsFan says:

    Resign Albert and Draft Geno Smith… Why you ask ??

    Does Geno play in a pro style offense, NO, did he have a shaky bowl game, YES but look at the numbers and imagine what he can do when Andy gets a hold of him.

    When Andy Reid took the job with the Eagles. The fans went crazy when he passed up Ricky Williams and a few other QBs to grab McNabb and look how it paid off for the Eagles.. (1 Superbowl, multiple NFC championship appearances, multiple pro-bowl appearances and the best winning record the Eagles have ever had and will probably ever see).

    Senior year Stats:
    Donavan McNabb (23 Touchdowns (6 Int) and 2326 yards 60.9% Completions)
    Geno Smith (42 Touchdowns (6 Int) and 4205 yards 71.2% Completions)

    Can Geno run like McNabb did, NO but in a passing league you don’t need that as much as you need a QB to move around, keep the play alive and hit his target accurately down the field. Image the kind of year Jamal will have if defenses cant stack the line for fear of getting burned down field ?

    With Andy and his staff, I believe Geno will can be coached to roll-out if needed, keep the play alive and let the receivers get down field. Andy is a Long ball/screen passing coach. Looking at the numbers, Geno may be no Andrew Luck or RG3 but will get the job done both in the regular season and post season.

    • John S. says:

      Yes he is good, but he fails under pressure. If picked he is going to be nothing more than a 2nd and we have to many of those already.

  8. Jim says:

    Would like to see the Chiefs draft Luke Joekel with the first pick.
    Re-sign Brandon Albert and move him to guard.
    And then try to trade back into the first round with their 2nd and 3rd picks to get a QB if one is available worth taking.

    • Jason Madson says:

      If Albert was going to move to guard, it should’ve been done years ago. He’s a top 10 LTand would remain there if signed. He said 2 years ago it would be a difficult transition at this point in his career.

      • Ian says:

        Besides that, he has proven himself as a LT. Why resign in KC for guard money when he could go play somewhere else for LT money? Unless people want to pay him LT money to play guard, I don’t.

  9. bubba says:

    johnny manziel is the best quarterback in college football but is staying in college so it leaves kc stuck without him so trade down or get luke joekel from texas a&m or with trading down with st Louis they need to get the de from florida state then the quarterback from Clemson and that will give them something to work with then and they also need another wide receiver to help bowe carry the load preferably a big body receiver like calvin Johnson jr.

    • chieftiger says:

      Lets see how johnny wiil do with no O-line. So were to give up the first pick in the draft for two low first round picks. That a great deal FOR ST Louis.Get a clue.

      • Joeckel or bust says:

        Johnny will do fine, “know it all”…Matthews is moving to LT and theve recruted the best OT to replace the right.

  10. Stu says:

    Not a big fan of pro football here. BUT wife is a diehard Chiefs fan, so I jumped into the fray and ordered a ball cap (last year, so not jumping in late), which made me only one of three Chiefs fans in West Virginia. Happy for the team with a new head coach, and anxious to see how things develope from here on out. Why not Tevone Austin? Serious playmaker on offense thats for sure!

  11. Mitchell says:

    How about Aaron Murray out of Georgia quality player and great passer

  12. Gerald says:

    Tyler Wilson is the best QB in the draft and would be a great choice for Kansas city.

  13. Alex Segura says:

    Okay listen up dont be idiots Geno Smith is THE best QB in the draft well one of them. Look at all the mobile qb’s in the nfl that have had success. Cam Newton, Robert Griffin the 3rd, Russel Wilson and hey John Elway was pretty mobile to and he has not one but 2 superbowl rings and how long has it been since we seen a chief qb in the pro bowl or past the wildcard round or dosent lead the league in interception turnovers or one of the lowest qbr ratings in the nfl.

  14. RebelA says:

    If they do not trade down in the first round, lets just take Teo from Notre Dame. Think about a linebacking corps of Hali-Johnson-Teo-Houston. Of My Gosh! Second Round is where we should go after a quarterback. Geno Smith will be gone, obviously. Barkley sucks, I passionatly hate Glennon, I think he is terrible, and I am not a fan of Bray ot Wilson. I love EJ Manuel out of Flordia State and although no mock drafts have him going this high, I think it would be a great pick. I also like Boyd from Clemson, but am not sold on him as a starter, and Landry Jones from Oklahoma. In the third round I would love Desmond Trufant, a cornerback out of Wisconsin. His family has a history of success in the league and this would be a good place for him to come off the board. We need cornerback depth. Through the rest of the draft we need depth at almost every position.

    • Cecil says:

      I agree, pick Teo from Notre Dame. Maybe acquire a QB thru trade. Heard Vick is on the market. The Chiefs should build around its defense and run a conservative offense. We have Jamaal Charles to get this job done. Just need decent QB to not turn ball over and a good O line.

    • Stephen says:

      I say we should trade the first pick in the draft to St. Louis for their two first rounders. St. Louis covets someone to protect Bradford and needs a DT, and will have two number ones thanks to the trade that allowed Washington to get RGIII. With the number one pick St. Louis would have a choice of several blue chip players in the draft in Star Lotulelei at DT, or Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper OG.

      With the 16th pick KC would have the ability to select someone such as Sharrif Floyd at DT or Dee Milliner at CB (just imagine Flowers and Milliner as our CB’s) as well as with the second pick in the first round (low to mid 20′s), any QB in this year’s draft. I truly believe that all will be around until the mid 20′s with the falling stock on Smith and the questions surrounding Glennon and Barkley.

      Though I would hold off on selecting any of these guys with the second of our first round picks, and instead go for Robert Woods out of USC (this guy is awesome and should be there).

      That would leave us with a first round (hypothetical of course based on a St. Louis trade) with DT or CB addressed (Floyd or Milliner) and WR addressed (Woods).

      Now with the first pick of the second round is where I’d get creative. Washington traded away a whole bunch of picks for RGIII. So why not offer the first pick in the second round for Cousins? Hell, toss in Cassel as a veteran backup in the deal ;) He has lots of upside, is coming out of a tremendous QB class (which has to boost his confidence watching RGIII, Luck, Wilson, etc.) plus he has experience now, and is not coming in as a wide eyed rookie. He even has a start and a win as a rookie!

      Just my thoughts (and hopes) :)

      • chieftiger says:

        RGIII is hurt they won’t give up cousins. And we give up the first pick in the draft for only two NO.1 . That a great trade. FOR THEM!!!

  15. David says:

    The best that KC can hope for is to attract some attention from the Rams, who will be picking around #10 and then again later with a 1st rounder aquired from Washington. The Rams are looking to shore up the Oline. OT is about the only thing in this draft worth trading up for. #10 is about right for QB Matt Barkley or Tyler Wilson. I am certain, however, that someone is going to reach for Smith around picks #4 – 7. I believe this is a “buyer beware” draft for QBs. What a drag the Chiefs have to lay an egg this year, instead of last year.

    • chieftiger says:

      Rams are not picking 10th. WE need a QB NOW!

      • David says:

        As of December 5, 2012 st. Louis was at 10th. Now that the season is over for them, it’s set at 16. However, I still think QB Glennon is a good choice at about 16 – or maybe at 18, if the Cowboys are looking for an O-lineman. I’m getting cold feet over Smith and Barkley. I think Tyler Wilson will move up boards, and be gone by pick 4 or 5. Maybe KC will give him a good look.

  16. the ky tomahawk says:

    The Wilson kid from Ark.is the best pick hands down, then the lb from the Irish would help. what do you think Pioli needs to keep moveing forward i believe cin time he will put a great team together.

    • David says:

      Unfortunately, it’s taking so long to put together a good team that some of our best guys are already starting to reach the end of their careers.

  17. Will says:

    Geno smith is NOT the answer we trade down and get Tyler Wilson along with dee milliner

  18. Megan says:

    Tunde Bakare is one of the fastest and the hardest working player at KU! Would love to see him get drafted by the Chiefs!

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