2013 NFL Mock Draft: Allessio

KCCD Editor: Jinx Allessio

Mock Updated: July 31, 2012

1. Oakland Raiders
Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas
The Carson Palmer experiment is over and Reggie McKenzie needs to draft the face and the future of this organization. The Raiders have plenty of weapons and a very young offensive line that could use some upgrading but no value at any other position. They have a limited amount of picks so they need to address their biggest need which will result in the most immediate and long term impact.

2. Arizona Cardinals
Matt Barkley, QB, USC
Ken Whisenhunt may no longer be the HC if the Cardinals are picking in this spot.  They draft the best available QB who can come in and start from day one. Offensive line needs upgrading and they need someone who can rush the passer but the golden rule towards of the draft trumps other needs.

3. Miami Dolphins
Robert Woods, WR, USC
The Phins need weapons on the outside, they drafted a few in 2012 but none are on the level of Robert Woods.  Robert Woods is the best available player on the board and addresses a need.  The Phins need a true number 1 at wideout, Woods is that guy.

4. Indianapolis Colts
Star Lotulelei, NT, Utah
The Colts need a centerpiece that is immovable for their 3-4 defense to really take a step in the next direction.  Star redefines the planet theory, and calling Star a planet would be grossly underrating his massiveness.

5. Minnesota Vikings
Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU
The Vikings have never really had a true pass rush threat opposite Jared Allen.  Edwards was nothing more than an average DE but now they can get one of the best pass rushing talents in the draft.

6. St Louis Rams (from Wash)
David Amerson, CB, NC State
The Rams secondary is a grouping that needs a lot of help even with the signing of Finnegan.  Amerson is a bigger CB that personifies ballhawk.  Immediately upgrades the entire Rams defense and even if Janoris Jenkins works out at CB then Amerson will have no issue  converting to S.

7. Jasonville Jaguars
Margus Hunt, DE, SMU
The Jaguars defense needs a special player with freakish talent who not only will be great off the edge in a 3 point stance but can also play in the 5-technique when they occasionally find themselves in a 30 front.  Hunt will skyrocket up draft boards and brings a unique skillset to the next level that few have.

8. Cleveland Browns
Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU
Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush.  Those are the three biggest needs for Cleveland.  Mingo can be the guy that addresses that glaring need as he is the best available rusher on the board.

9. Chicago Bears
Logan Thomas, QB, Va. Tech
Emery’s Last Stand was with Cutler, a change of the guard is needed to compete in the Norris Division.  The secondary needs help but Phil Emery takes the person who will take over for Jay Cutler in the coming years since he hasn’t performed up to expectations.

10. St. Louis Rams
Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisconsin
The Rams need receivers but they chose the best available OT on the board that can help keep Sam Bradford upright.  Wagner is just the next man in line to carry the torch for Wisky linemen.

11. New York Jets
Manti Te’o,, ILB, Notre Dame
The Jets get a special player to play ILB.  A tackling machine, Te’o solidifies the interior of that defense.

12. Dallas Cowboys
Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A&M
Anthony Spencer is gone after his franchise tag season and the Cowboys need an OLB across from Ware.  Porter will rise up draft boards and could find himself in the 1st half of the 1st round with some chance of being in the top 10. Jarvis Jones is another player to consider in this spot.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan
Donald Penn was given a lofty contract yet the Buccs need to upgrade the bookends in one form or another.  Lewan is a large dominant OT from the BIG 10 who can play either RT or LT.  Right now he is not viewed as a first rounder but with another dominant season in the Big 10 he will find a place in the first round.

14. Carolina Panthers
Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
The secondary for the Panthers is one of the weakest positional groupings in the NFL.  Vaccaro is the best available defender on the board and the Panthers would sprint to the podium if available.  The Panthers could also upgrade their WR corp but Vaccaro is a natural born leader who will be the true captain of the secondary.

15. Seattle Seahawks
Keenan Allen, WR, California
Seattle does not have a true number 1 threat; Allen can be a very dominant wide out in the NFL.  I would not be shocked to see Allen picked in the top 10.  Seattle could also look at CB yet the value is not there.

16. Tennessee Titans
Jarvis Jones, DE, Georgia
The Titans need more pass rush as Morgan may or may not work out.  Jones brings the tenacious, relentless pass rush skills that the Titans need.  They have lacked a consistent pass rush threat over the past few years.  Will play out of the DE spot and could play standing up.  May fit better in a 3-4 though.


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9 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Allessio”

  1. chieftiger says:

    Why is KC picking 23rd and then were STUCK with Bray, he would not even be a good backup! What did we get for moving down?

  2. lax18 says:

    i doubt the jets would pass on jarvis jones, but as a jets and notre dame fan i cant hate on the te’o pick

  3. LarryPearce says:

    How do you have the Bills Drafting a RB? They Need A QB of the future and God knows it ain’t Thigpen, Fitzy, or V. Young. Why not go and Draft Logan Thomas out of Va Tech or The big Florida State QB.

    Good Selection on my Pats 1st Rd pick wish you had a 6-Round Mock Draft though!!

  4. vidae says:

    Great pick for the Chiefs, obviously. Good job Jinx.

  5. dubldug says:

    You are way out on a limb thinking the Bears will draft a QB, when Cutler is one of the best in the business. Emery didn’t get the job cause he’s an imbecile, and any football fan who actually watches games with Cutler know he is a top talent.

  6. william says:

    while i do think Margus has special talent hes very raw(probably more than JPP when he came out). he hasnt even dominated Confrence USA talent and really hasnt produced much in sacks. he is also an older guy(26) for a rookie but in terms of Football abuse u only have his time in college. Wagner or Mingo imo would help the jags defense a bit more especially if the jags dont resign eben britton(the rt for the jags whos always injured the last 2 years). Mingo would add some more juice to our pass rush. the trend seems to be u need 3 DEs that have good pass rush skills and a trio with Mingo, branch, and Mincey would be very good. Mincey has the ability to play any defensive line postition minus NT(270 pounds isnt a fit for a NT).

    • Jinx Allessio says:

      I believe in Margus Hunt’s projection to the next level. The Jags do need some players that can contribute right away. Many people think Hunt may be a project, I do not. I think he can come in an be a dominant force from day one. He may not have the film of people who have 12-14 sacks yet I just feel his natural abilities will lead to more success as he moves up to the NFL. The Jags D has some nice pieces in place and I really hope they can make strides this year and don’t end up in the top 10 but a lot hinges on the play of your QB and how he progresses. Thanks for your response.

      • william says:

        i think Margus is a fine prospect but hes very raw as a player because of his lack of experience playing football. he is a heck of an athlete id say right on par with Julius Peppers and is stronger than peppers when he came out. if margus could get atleast 6 sacks this year i have no problem with him going here because of his imense potential. if i had to pick the one guy al davis(RIP) would pick this year right now it would be margus hunt. we dont need to him to Play anywhere on the defensive line but Defensive end because we have some good talent at DT. i think hunt will contribute on Special teams mainly year 1

  7. SomewhatEccentric says:

    Granted the pick of Spiller makes it difficult to say the Bills simply wouldn’t pick a RB in the first round, and Fred Jackson is getting on in years. Still, the end of last year showed that Spiller is hardly a bust. Nor has he had the trouble with the law that made the Bills inclined to trade Marshawn Lynch.

    So if the Bills just missed the playoffs as your draft order would indicate, I think they’d be in full on win now mode and go for a major area of need (or at least take a shot at a franchise QB Taylor Bray is still on the board) rather than pick someone who would be, at best the #2 RB that year, and quite likely, #3.

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