2013 NFL Mock Draft: Jeremy Brade 1/26

January 26th, 2013

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: DE – Sam Montgomery; LSU

One of the more glaring issues with Pittsburgh this season was their current Defense carrying AARP cards. It’s time to get younger and Montgomery will provide them with a beast to rush off the end.

18. Dallas Cowboys: OT – D.J. Fluker; Alabama

The Cowboys have areas of concern on both sides of the ball, but with Fluker available to help their Offensive Line, they jump at the chance to take a guy that can impact their Offense.

19. New York Giants: LB – Alec Ogletree; Georgia

Just missing out on Fluker will hurt for the Giants. Instead, they will switch their focus to the other side of the ball and grab the best player on the board while also improving their weak Linebacker corp. Ogletree has the ability to become a rock in the middle of the Giant D.

20. Chicago Bears: TE – Zach Ertz; Stanford

Jay Cutler could use more weapons. With Alshon Jeffery coming into his own by season end, they jump at the chance to finally get an impact Tight End they have been lacking since Greg Olsen left.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: DE – Ezekiel Ansah; BYU

Cincinnati will look to give Geno Smith some help and they will do so by getting an End that will draw some attention. The Bengals grab Ansah, who is working his way up the Draft boards and will improve their ability to get to the QB.

22. St. Louis Rams: WR – Keenan Allen; California

The patience of the Rams pays off and they are able to snag the 1st Wide Receiver of the Draft. Keenan Allen seems like a lock to be an impact guy, something the Rams have needed for quite some time at that position.

23. Minnesota Vikings: DT – Sharif Floyd; Florida

Minnesota has been getting old along the Defensive Line. Jared Allen has helped mask that but they know what they need. The Vikings pick up Floyd to provide both youth and power.

24. Indianapolis Colts: DT – Jesse Williams; Alabama

With a lot of the early focus last Draft on the offensive side, the Colts are a team in need of youth on the defensive side of the ball. Williams provides that as well as a big body to shore up the rush D.

25. Seattle Seahawks: WR – Cordarrelle Patterson; Tennessee

After discovering their new franchise Quarterback last season, it’s time for the Seahawks to give Russell Wilson a target to throw to for many years. Patterson comes off the board as only the second Wide Receiver of the Round.

26. Green Bay Packers: OL – Barrett Jones; Alabama

Green Bay will benefit from the injury Jones suffered during the SEC title game and Jones will fall to them at #26. Possibly the ideal pick for the Packers, Jones will provide the versatility Mike McCarthy likes and immediately improve the Offensive Line.

27. Houston Texans: WR – Robert Woods; USC

With a stout Defense intact, the Texans will use this pick to attempt to improve their passing attack. Andre Johnson has long needed someone on the opposite side of the field to provide another receiving threat, which is exactly what Woods will do.

28. Denver Broncos: CB – Xavier Rhodes; Florida State

The AFC Divisional Game will stay with the Broncos all the way to the Draft. The image of Champ Bailey getting burned signifies it’s time to start getting younger at Cornerback. Rhodes is an athletic guy that will hopefully learn for a year from Bailey before becoming a full-time starter himself.

29. New England Patriots: S – Eric Reid; LSU

This is where the 2nd QB of the Draft most likely gets picked. Not by the Patriots of course. New England is a perfect trading partner with a team looking to move up. But, if they stay, they grab a Safety, most likely opting for the athletic Reid.

30. Atlanta Falcons: TE – Tyler Eifert; Notre Dame

Although the shoes are virtually unfillable, Eifert is the clear choice to attempt to replace Tony Gonzalez. The Falcons rely on the Tight End too much not to address it early on.

31. Baltimore Ravens; LB – Manti Te’o; Notre Dame

This is definitely not a hoax. Fortunately, Baltimore fans have shown the willingness to look past off-field transgressions with their Linebackers. They will reap the benefits of Te’o falling after his offseason issues. The Ravens will find mid-1st Round talent at the end of the Round and pick up Te’o to fill the void at Middle Linebacker.

32. San Francisco 49ers: S – Matt Elam; Florida

Finishing out the first day, the 49ers opt to improve on their already stout Defense. Elam helps them improve immensely in their secondary and should fight for playing time immediately.


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23 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Jeremy Brade 1/26”

  1. steve earle says:

    Geeze, you guys out in KC land are really confused. First if Smith isn’t a 1#1 fine, consider that no O-linemen is either. Ans: trade down, then trade down again. get a couple extra picks for this and next year and still hav a mid 1st round pick this year where you take the 2nd or 3rd best OT or developemental QB there. Doesn’t have to be either or.

  2. Lokrath says:

    How many teams has anyone said they are a good LT away from being a good team?

    • boyd says:

      I know. LUKE J is the man…the “best available” man for this team. I hope that Dorsey isnt a liar like Pee-oli back when he said before picking Poe…”We dont just look at combine numbers…and I Always believe in drafting a QB somewhere in the draft.” All lies…please Dorsey dont be a liar…pick the “best Available” like you said u would. FYI Geno Smith is maybe the 100th most best available.

  3. Nate says:

    Luke Joeckel; Texas A&M is the best pick for KC. This QB class is bad. I can’t see Jarvis Jones dropping that far but, good job on the draft for the most part.

  4. Dan says:

    saw Warmack at 4 and quit reading… guards dont go top 5 or even 10

    • boyd says:

      whatever dude. warmack would be a BETTER pick than Smith for the Chiefs

      • Dan says:

        guard at # 1 overall…. sure dude such an impact position. #NoWay

      • chieftiger says:

        Your a MORON!!

        • boyd says:

          chieftiger YOURE the moron. football 101. Championship teams are built from the Lines out. which the chefs have jack crap.and oh those douches they picked last year?? Piolis fired for a reason idiot. you REALLY think Dorsey will get Smith? no way fool

          • Dan says:

            not saying joeckel wouldnt be a good pick. but DE, LT, and especially QB are the most important positions in the NFL and thats why since 1996 every pick has been at that position. with 12 qb’s being taken

  5. chieftiger says:

    Why would we take a OL when we drafted two OL last year. Let waste a NO.1 pick on OL. When we have a gaping hole at QB.

    • boyd says:

      BECAUSE….He’d be the BEST O lineman the Chefs has EVER had. Did you WATCH Geno Smith vs Syracuse?…he stinks man…Id rather Taj Boyd. He actually BEAT a real LSU D in the last game…an we could get him LAAAAATE. Its LUKE JOECKEL or bust buddy. If they f up an get Smith…it will be very sad.

      • chieftiger says:

        Great let have a great OL an no one to play behind it. Taj boyd What are you smoking! geno smith with a good team around him tore it up last year. He is the best QB in the draft and will prove it at the combine.

        • boyd says:

          You wanna compare? Ill give you a few facts and you can look up the rest.
          First off.Boyd finished with a higher QB rating than Smith…He also only had 2 losses with an EXCEPTIONAL fanally
          win over a BADAAS LSU D…( probly 4 or 5 of those LSU guys will be drafted)…Your so-called great GENO SMITH
          had 5….5 Losses in a row!! against mediocre teams for the most part. and the better teams he played…Texas Tech and K state…
          the dude only put up 14 in total blowout loses in both cases. haha and that WITH WR 1st rd pick Austin and Bailey…they couldnt even get some garbage points….wow! i really think hes the next great QB the Chiefs need.haha
          Ok now for the great GENOS finally!! against a descent team at best Syracuse?….haha he puts yet ANOTHER 14 up in yet ANOTHER blowout loss. .lol wow! man I hope the Chefs get him!!! really i do!!
          Not ONE team he beat this year was ranked at ANY time. every D he played was a total joke.
          Geno Smith will be a BUST. and he will be because our Oline sucks Baaaaaad. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
          AND YES..YES!!! with a bull-horn…I would totally take Boyd in the 6th maybe 5th rd WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than picking smith first.
          I only pray that our new GM isnt so foolish as some of the chiefsnation.

          • chieftiger says:

            MORON!! Are line sucked becuase of injuries not personal. You are living proof that any FOOL can produce a mock draft!

          • Dan says:

            yea Boyd you suck. theres a reason your not getting payed hundreds of thousands to scout quarterbacks and others are

          • boyd says:

            no this site is living proof of the idiocracy of chef nation. GENO FN SMITH!! he’ll destroy the team. Ill be around…we’ll see whos right “DAN”…”CHIEF TIGER”?

          • Dan says:

            who do you think Detroit will take? no way they take a corner after taking 3 last year in the draft. especially when Patrick Peterson went at that same spot and Milliner is nowhere near as good nor the best availible

          • boyd says:

            man if detriot could get Milliner…they will get him. ihe will be gone by then. so i asumme theyll get the best available in the 2ndary if they have any sense. hah watch em get a WR now w/out titas.

    • boyd says:

      oh and the 2 Olinemen Allen and Donaldson??? Those guys suck too. Yet another bust by Pioli…Newsflash. Piolis out. expect a few changes

  6. EccentricFan says:

    I really don’t think the Bills take Vaccaro. George Wilson is losing a step with age, so we do have need of a strong safety, but with Jairus Byrd handling free safety, we’re set there.

    Yes, I know he’s a Free Agent this year, but if worse comes to worst, there’s no one else for the Bills to spend their franchise tag on this year, so he’s all but certain to stick around one more year.

    Now Jarvis Jones would be a good way to help the defense. The Bills are weaker at linebacker than at any other position group.

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