Geno Smith to Skip Senior Bowl: What Does It Mean?

January 9th, 2013

Geno Smith will be answering questions over the next few months about his decision to skip the Senior Bowl. He’ll let his tape dohis talking for him. (Photo: AP)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

The buzz on twitter yesterday was caused by an unverified Geno Smith twitter account stating he will not be attending the Senior Bowl.

It has been confirmed by local media that the account is real and Geno will not be attending. Geno later in the day had a message for all his critics:

He also retweeted this message from former Florida State QB and current IMG instructor, Chris Weinke:

So, what does this mean for Geno Smith and his chances to be top QB in this draft and potential first overall pick? In a word, nothing. He has over 3 years of game tape for scouts and GMs to dissect and pick apart. You will find out more from these actual games than from a week of practice where you will share reps with other QBs. Honestly, Geno can only hurt his stock by participating, as most have him as the top overall QB.

He will be at the Combine, WVU Pro Day and available for visits with any team that requests him. This isn’t as big a deal as many are making it out to be. Most of the criticism is coming from people who were already down on the Mountaineer QB, which is expected.

While Smith had a down game to finish his college career against Syracuse, he doesn’t have much left to prove. Unless it will be snowing at the Senior Bowl and his offensive line offers little protection. The other QBs competing in Mobile aren’t in Geno’s class, except for possibly Matt Barkley and Tyer Wilson. Barkley struggled to take ahold of his top spot at which he entered the 2012 season. Wilson is coming off a down year, riddled with injuries. He could be one that jumps with a great performance during the week.

Wilson reminds some of Brett Favre, while some compare Geno to Donovan McNabb. Each had success in the Chiefs new offensive system.

As most of you reading this know, I’m on board with the Chiefs taking Geno Smith first overall. His accuracy is tops in this class. Chiefs new Head Coach Andy Reid’s West Coast Offense demands this trait. He can make thethrows necessary and demands his teammates play to their abilities. I’m on #TeamGeno until the Chiefs draft a O or D tackle with the top pick.


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3 Responses to “Geno Smith to Skip Senior Bowl: What Does It Mean?”

  1. Nate says:

    It will hurt Geno to skip the Senior Bowl. This is a terrible move by his agent. His defenders say he didn’t have much talent at WV. He would at the Senior Bowl. Scouts would have had a week to watch him practice and learn a pro style offense. I also think this presents a diva like attitude as I don’t think most GMs, coaches, and scouts projected him to go #1 in the first place. This was a dumb move and I bet Wilson jumps him.

  2. Joe Edwards says:

    Media has been trying to push Geno Smith stock down in the draft, to many in media listening to Mel Kiper and ESPN reports on Geno Smith’s draft value. Mel Kiper and ESPN with their good judgement of QB had JaMarcus Russell tag right as a franchise QB?

    Despite the media reports on Geno Smith his stats, physical ability, work ethics will make him a Chief!

  3. Martell Thyman says:

    Tyler Wilson to the Chiefs… He will show up in the Senior bowl, QB play thats what they do.. I hope chiefs grab him number 1.

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