Options for the 1st Overall Pick: Luke Joeckel

January 31st, 2013

Is Luke Joeckel the guy the Chiefs want? (Photo: Kevin Jairaj, USA TODAY Sports)

KCCD Staff Writer: Elliot Dennis

It seems to be a very popular opinion that Luke Joeckel is the player the Chiefs will select with the first pick in the draft. There is not a clear cut #1 player in this year’s draft, but this would be a player that could help the Chiefs out.

Joeckel was a 3 year starter for the Aggies. He showed significant improvement every year, including this year’s dominant junior campaign. He protected Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel’s blindside and did a magnificent job. He had a big role in the success of Manziel this season. Arguably his best performance of the year came against LSU, where he completely shut down a first round talent in Sam Montgomery.

The 6-foot-6, 310-pounder has the build that you would look for in a top left tackle. He possesses elite athleticism for his size and was dominant in the run game and pass protection this season. He is the clear cut #1 tackle in this year’s draft class.

The Chiefs have a solid left tackle in Branden Albert, but he’s a potential free agent. If the Chiefs can’t lock him up for next year (franchise tag is an option), then the Chiefs need to find a solution. Donald Stephenson played well in relief last season, but might not be the solution. If Albert leaves, Joeckel would be the perfect replacement.

Another option could possibly be that the Chiefs draft Joeckel and move Albert to guard. Albert has recently said that he wants to stay at left tackle, but guard might be a more natural fit for him. He excelled playing guard in college for Virginia. Having an offensive line of Joeckel-Albert-Hudson-Asamoah-Winston might just be too good for the Chiefs to pass up.

All-in-all, I would pass up on Joeckel. Letting Albert walk and drafting Joeckel would be a lateral move. The Chiefs need a pick that could improve the team immediately.

What are your thoughts on the Chiefs selecting a LT with the first overall pick?

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One Response to “Options for the 1st Overall Pick: Luke Joeckel”

  1. Nate says:

    I love it. We should pay Albert LT type of money and then either play him at guard or one of them at RT. People say he wants to play tackle but I don’t think he will care after he gets paid. The Chiefs will be $40 million under the cap if they don’t pay Jackson his $14 million. remember, the Chiefs have to spend at least 90% of the cap this year per the new CBA.

    If Albert gets franchised, we are even more likely to sign Joeckel imo. We have no idea if he will re-sign at that point and picking first is a rare opprotunity. LTs are the hardest thing to find after QBs. The top end LT talent is far greater than the top end QB talent in this class. Also, if Albert gets franchised, there is a good chance KC will trade him imo. Per the new cba, we would have to get two firsts for Albert and I think someone would do that who is picking outside of the top 20. With the tag, he will have suitors (unlike Bowe) because he is far more valuable.

    Any way I look at it Joeckel makes the most sense to me.

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