Potential Chiefs In The Fiesta Bowl

January 3rd, 2013

How would Kenjon Barner look in Red? (Photo: Rivals)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

We have been looking forward to this game since it was the likely BCS Title game matchup in early November. We missed out on the Championship matchup, but we still get to see these two great teams square off. The Ducks and Wildcats didn’t get to this spot without some talent. Check out the potential Chiefs in tonight’s Fiesta Bowl with KState and Oregon.

Kansas State

WR #3 Chris Harper -Harper, the former QB at Oregon, has made a name for himself at KSU. He is a tremendous blocker and makes tough catches. Gets a case of the drops and won’t wow you with his speed.

DE #42 Meshak Williams -Scouted KSU live 3 times this season and Meshak improved with each game. He is very active with his hands and uses speed to beat his man. Will most likely move to OLB in a 3-4 or become a pass rushing specialist.

OLB/DE#2 Justin Tuggle- Tuggle is oozing with potential. Has the size, speed, athleticism and bloodlines to become a star at the next level. Quick example: vs OK State he fought off a block, hurdled a chop block attempt and didn’t break stride to chase down ball carrier across the field. He is very raw, but should get looks.

LT #78 Cornelius Lucas- Under the radar talent alert! Lucas should catch your eye tonight, 6-9 325 lbs. He locks out his ridiculously long arms and the defender is done. Watch Collin Klein’s designed runs and they will mostly be off of Lucas’ backside.

QB #7 Collin Klein- Had multiple discussions with scouts about Klein this year. To a man, all said he needs to change positions. Most said Tight End, as do I. His throwing motion is terrible and his ball takes forever to get to where it’s going. Great college runner and team leader.

CB #24 Nigel Malone- Solid cover corner for the Wildcats. Undersized, but tough and gets after the ball. Will find a place in the NFL, possibly as a nickel/dime corner.

LB #4 Arthur Brown- The man with the most NFL talent on the KState roster. Look for Art to make plays in coverage, vs the run and even slash thru the line to get pressure in the run and pass game. He is a throwback player that you want on your team.


DE/OLB #96 Dion Jordan- Jordan is a long pass rushing specialist. That’s not all he is good at though. Watch him drop into coverage and cover the slot receiver tonight. Being tall with long arms gives him an advantage in most situations.

RB #24 Kenjon Barner- Speed and some power between the tackles. Barner should jump up draft boards with a solid combine and offseason showing. He benefits from Kelly’s system, but can find a niche at the next level.

LB #47 Kiko Alonso- Off field issues behind him, Alonso is a solid defender for the Ducks. Chasing and hitting Klein should be all he’s doing tonight. Watch to see if he is up to the task.

OL #74 Kyle Long- Any offspring that Howie Long gives this world should be of interest to the NFL. Kyle can line up inside at guard or at tackle. He played baseball for a few years, before returning to football this season. He is older than most prospects at 25 years of age.

HC Chip Kelly- Chip might be the most coveted prospect on the field tonight. Has interviews lined up with Cleveland, Buffalo and Philly after tonight’s game. If Reid slips thru the Chiefs fingers, Clark Hunt should attempt another interception.


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  1. james says:

    i would trade pick to 49ers for one of there qbs

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