2013 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Aaron Dobson

February 18th, 2013

Dobson would be a solid choice for the Chiefs. (Photo: US Presswire)

KCCD Editor: Elliot Dennis

Q: You played in a small conference in the Conference USA. What can you say about the level of competition you faced, especially with it being regarded as one of the weaker conferences?

A: I feel like its talent in all conferences, I know it’s not the SEC or a big conference like that but it’s definitely talent everywhere so, I mean, it’s just there’s talent everywhere. I mean coming out of there, I just feel like I was one of the better players so I have an advantage just coming from there and, I mean, it’s really hard to explain. I think it’s just a blessing for me coming from a small conference like that.


Q: Are there any particular players you attempt to model your game after?

A: Uh.. I like watching Larry Fitzgerald.


Q: There are some questions about your speed, what do you think of being labeled as a possession receiver?

A: Um.. I can understand that, but you know I do have a lot of speed. You might not recognize that with me, but I definitely want to show scouts, everybody, coaches I can run, you know. But I can definitely be a possession receiver in the league, but I can definitely be a deep ball threat as well. I think I do have the speed to do that and that’s what I’m gonna try to prove myself that I can actually run.


Q: You opened up some eyes at the Senior Bowl last month. What did you think of the experience down in Mobile?

A: Oh it was a great time, man. Being able to go down there with the best players in college, you know, it was definitely a great time getting to meet everybody, being able to be down there with everybody around the country. It was definitely a great time to compete with some of the best players and it was just fun, it was a fun time that week.


Q: What do you feel is the biggest adjustment you will have to make in transitioning from college to the NFL?

A: The margin of error. Your margin of error is very slim in the league, just because everybody is just as good as you or better so, I mean, you just gotta come with your a-game every snap and gotta play hard, man, you just gotta limit your margin of error.


Q: Have you received any indication of where you are likely to be selected, or do you have any particular goals regarding draft positioning?

A: Um.. I’ve been told I can go 2nd, 3rd, you know somebody even told me I can get in late first, but I’m just.. I’m just trying to show myself that… that I’m the best, I wanna be the first receiver taken off the board so I just wanna prove myself that I’m worthy of that spot.


Q: Who is the best opposing defensive back you went up against during your time at Marshall?

A: I’ll have to say Jayron Hosley, he went to Virginia Tech. Yeah, I played him my junior year, he was a very good player. We went at it.


Q: What do you consider your greatest asset as a football player, and why should an NFL team draft you in April?

A: I just feel like I’m an all-around receiver, you know. I can do a lot, I can bring a lot to a team, you know I can run the intermediate routs, I can take the top off a defense, I can block, and I’ve got strong hands. So I just feel like I can bring everything to the table. I just feel like I’m not one-dimensional.


Q: How would you feel about playing for the Kansas City Chiefs?

A: Haha.. it, it would be great, man. Just to be able to have the opportunity to play anywhere in the NFL would be a great opportunity, you know, a blessing for me to have this chance to maybe be playing for the Kansas City Chiefs or whoever I’m playing for, you know, is just a blessing for me. I would be honored to play for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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