2013 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Malliciah Goodman

February 18th, 2013

Goodman could fit in with the Chiefs. (Photo: Joshua Kelly, USA Today Sports)

KCCD Editor: Elliot Dennis

Q: Brent Venables came in as new defensive coordinator this year and implemented a change in scheme. What was the transition during your senior season like for you?

A: It wasn’t really too bad as long as you got the main defense down. Like, if you get behind one day or a couple days it’ll hurt you.  But the transition is to just take it in day-by-day until you get the defense down right. I don’t think it was a hard transition coming from it.


Q: Are there any particular players you attempt to model your game after?

A: Uh, not specifically. I mean, just allow [teams] to see what I have and what I can do. I mean not everybody’s a spinner, everybody’s not uh.. like probably certain teams a lot of people can do something that everybody can’t do. So, I’ll just be doing something like that, I’ll just try to expand on that. Just be the best that I can.


Q: What do you feel is the biggest adjustment you will have to make in transitioning from college to the NFL?

A: Just the speed and the focus that you have to have. I mean it’s just gonna be football 24-7 where you don’t have school or anything like college is. It’s gonna be more football oriented and it’s kinda all your focus is football. And adjusting to the speed of the game, everybody is bigger, stronger, faster.. pretty much adjusting to that.


Q: Have you received any indication of where you are likely to be selected, or do you have any particular goals regarding draft positioning?

A: I have not. I mean, wherever I get drafted, I get the opportunity to sign on the next level. I mean, just being drafted period is a blessing. It’ll be great.


Q: Which school had the best offensive line you went up against during your time at Clemson?

A: Um.. I liked South Carolina. We played with them. Also Florida State had a pretty good offensive line.


Q: Do you have any preference between 4-3 and 3-4 defensive fronts?

A: I never.. I mean, I played in a 3-4 throughout high school, but mainly in college it was predominantly a 4-3 and sometimes a 4-3 down every now and then. So I think I can adjust to [a 3-4] pretty well, but I’m more comfortable with a 4-3 right now because I have more practice time and more repetition in it.


Q: What do you consider your greatest asset as a football player, and why should an NFL team draft you in April?

A: [Teams] could utilize the talents I have, my long arms, and great leverage to knock back blockers and find the football.


Q: How would you feel about playing for the Kansas City Chiefs?

A: Uh, just getting the opportunity to play in the NFL no matter where I go I’m gonna utilize my talents to the utmost ability and help a team in a great way and help make teams defense [better].

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