2013 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Breakdown: Cordarrelle Patterson

February 7th, 2013

The Chiefs could only hope that Patterson falls to round 2. (Photo: UT Sports)

KCCD Staff Writer: Jon Hake

Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

6’ 3” 205 lbs


Chiefs Positional Need:

I personally feel that this entirely hinges on whether Dwayne Bowe returns or not. Others feel less confident in Jon Baldwin then I am. If Dwayne Bowe is allowed to walk then WR becomes a very real target in the second round.

Physical Traits:

+ Big frame with room to put on more muscle.

+ Good burst off the line getting into his route quick.

+ Smooth gliding runner with good speed.

+ Quick in and out of cuts wasting little motion.

- Doesn’t often showcase great leaping ability although there aren’t many high balls thrown his way.


Receiving Skills:

+ Very crisp routes.

+ Shields the defender with his body very well.

+ Uses his speed and agility to get separation down the field.

+ Reads zones well and sits in vulnerable areas.

- Tends to let the ball into his body a little too often.

- Sometimes drops the routine catch.


Running Skills:

+ Dangerous player with the ball in his hands, returned kicks and punts very affectively.

+ Secures the ball while fighting for more yards.

+ Was used in reverses and in the backfield as a weapon.

+ Fast player that gets up to speed quickly and makes sharp cuts.



+ Physical receiver yet still very elusive, high ceiling.

+ Reads defenses well even playing as the wildcat QB for Tennessee.

+/- A bit of a show off but I like the attitude in a WR.

- Inconsistent effort on plays.

- Only one season in the SEC but with great production.



With Dwayne Bowe possibly leaving this offseason the Chiefs should do a lot of research on the top WRs in this draft. Patterson has huge upside in his play. He shows very good ball skills after the catch and an ability to be utilized in every way an offense can imagine. Patterson is dangerous in the return game and the other team must always account for him on the field. His effort can be inconsistent when the ball is going elsewhere and he sometimes loses concentration on easy plays, but he is also a young player new to big time football. Only having one season of play at Tennessee could hurt him or help him. He is a legitimate playmaker at the next level and If he falls to pick 34 then the Chiefs need to strongly consider adding to their anemic offense.

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