Chiefs Kingdom: What Would You Do With The No. 1 Pick?

February 16th, 2013

John Dorsey has a tough decision to make. (Photo: USA Today Sports)

KCCD Staff Writer: Adam Simone

Thursday, Ian Rapoport reported the Kansas City Chiefs were looking to re-sign WR Dwyane Bowe and LT Branden Albert. Most Chiefs fans took those reports and tried to read between the lines of what that meant for the 2013 NFL Draft.

LT Luke Joeckel, according to several NFL Draft analysts, is the No. 1 ranked player for the 2013 NFL Draft. Most fans believed that if the Chiefs did not re-sign Albert, they would then take Joeckel to replace him. What if the Chiefs signed Albert?

Well you don’t need to try hard to convince Chiefs fans that quarterback is the only way to go with the No. 1 pick. The Chiefs have not selected a quarterback in the first round since they selected Todd Blackledge in the 1983 draft. With the struggles the Chiefs have had at the quarterback position the last two seasons, drafting a quarterback with the No. 1 pick seems obvious doesn’t it?

The problem is, most experts believe there isn’t a quarterback worthy of the No. 1 overall pick. This leaves the Chiefs in a tricky position. Do they “reach” for a position of need or do they select the best overall player like Chiefs General Manager, John Dorsey, says they are going to do?

Another option for Dorsey and the Chiefs is to trade down and receive additional picks later in the draft. I’m leaning this direction if I was Dorsey, but you also have to have a trade partner. Is there a team that’s willing to give up picks to move into the No.1 spot?

Thus far in the draft process, we have not seen a player distance himself from the pack to become the obvious No. 1 overall selection. In my opinion, both the Eagles and Cardinals will be looking for a left tackle but it’s unknown whether they would give up late round picks to swap spots with the Chiefs.

Another topic that needs to be discussed is if the Chiefs should base their draft pick on whether or not they re-sign Albert. Kevin Keitzman from 810 WHB in Kansas City had a unique opinion Friday afternoon on this topic. Keitzman asked his listeners if they would be willing to trade Albert and the No. 1 overall pick for Joeckel.

Keitzman believes that is exactly what the Chiefs would be doing if they decided to let Albert go and then select Joeckel to fill the hole at LT.

So Chiefs fans let’s hear it. What direction do you want the Chiefs to go on April 25th? Would re-signing Albert and Bowe change how you would approach the draft? Let your voice be heard.

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10 Responses to “Chiefs Kingdom: What Would You Do With The No. 1 Pick?”

  1. Nate says:

    I know this is outside the box but, I am starting to think Warmack could be the pick. Especially if we re-sign Albert. Guards never go top 10 but this guy is the best player in the draft. With the new rookie cap, it could happen.

    The pick will be Joeckel or Warmack imo.

    • JOECKEL or Bust says:

      To add, If KC could possibly make a trade down 6 maybe 7 picks they still probly could get Chance as well another #1 pk next year. which i thinks the key. maybe to get Aaron Murrey AND Clowney next year.

      Id be happy if they got Warmack #1. as well im sure hed make a hella LT!

  2. JOECKLE or Bust says:

    So is tht what all you got outta my opinion? A “baby” slur about Albert NOT wanting to play where he most probably would play best. Lets NOT forget. It was the “poor” Oline coaching that decided that he should be LT. And thats ALSO after they dumped, like fools, LT Jarred Gauthier to the Chargers. Lets see B Albert…gave up the most sacks(9) in 09 as well the most penalties(10). Hah he was even injured for 3 of those games. He was totally gone last year. In my mined thats called “injury prone”. He played ONE GOOD YEAR in ’10 so nows hes ELITE? Screw Albert pal…Hes NOT gonna be worth what hes asking for. Put all this aside. My “opinion”, despite my feelings for Albert, I said if you read above, to sign him….trade down…get MORE picks for next and this year…and the FIRST Pick was LG CHANCE WARMACK. To fill that GAPING hole at LG. You got somethin better? Lemme guess. Draft Geno?

    • 500milestoarrowhead says:

      I am not willing to draft Joeckle using the #1 pick and not make the team better. If you don’t reisign Albert you have a rookie LT. He might be better than Albert long term but probably not by much and he will be worse in the short term. Is Albert a top 5 tackle? no. Top 10? Arguably Top 15? Easily. The #1 pick should improve a position day 1. Drafting does not fit that criteria.

      If you resign Albert and push him to guard. You have radically overpaid a guard, set a precedent for trying to resign Asimoa who might be better and may not have improved the spot over what you could get from Allen. Also, if your intent is to draft Joeckle, you will have to flatout lie to Albert’s face to get him to sign. If Dorsey is willing to do so to a guy that is a team leader in his initial months as GM I have very little hope for his ability to build a team.

      • JOECKEL or Bust says:

        Alberts gonna do what Ried tells him to do. And if Im Ried, Im offerin Albert “Asomoah” money. sorry man Brandon Albert is like you said “arguably top 15″ in my book….Look fact is he had 1 1/2 good year at best. And injury prone as well. There are alot of LTs in free agency and B Albert is damn near on the bottom of the list. So I really dont think Brandon has alot to work with in the bargaining.
        LUKE JOECKLE OR BUST…start fresh. save money. This team isnt going ANYWHERE w/in 5 years anyway

    • Yancey Berry says:

      Fools for dumping Jarred Gauthier to the Chargers.. After getting a contract with 9 million guaranteed..he missed the first 4 games for a unknown illness, then was placed on injured reserve for a groin injury..he is being called lazy and a his team mates.. the Chargers are ready to dump him and eat the 9 million..AND the Chiefs were Fools!?!

      You really need to “check the facts”..before making negative comments. It makes your arguments seem irrelevant..

      • JOECKEL or Bust says:

        Whatever man. So the dude(Gauthier) missed some games cause his body didnt work right. Albert missed most all of last year. How much this fool thinks the Chiefs are supposed to pay him? He had ONE GOOD YEAR. Yes the Chiefs WILL foolishly sign him and watch im sure he’ll be injured again somehow.
        And Yancey. The guy that wrote article ask “what would you do with the #1 pick”. And all youve done is bitched about what I think KC should do. WTF?

        • Yancey Berry says:

          Well J or B.. I don’t bitch (i’m laughing now)..I believe in facts.. Kinda like Albert playing 13 of the last 16 games.. So he played in 81% of the games last year..which I has happy about because now we know Stephenson has potential.. In two years..this guy could be something..

          Listen…I do think Joeckel could be a good LT in the league..But I don’t think you build teams by drafting players with your top picks to replace quality(especially formal top pick) starters.. I personally think the issue with the line has been..1) terrible coaching..remember they are young 2) injuries..(players being thrown in to early) 3) There was been a major change every year. They haven’t had time to GEL and really get to know each other… There are stories of the best lines ALL going bowling together, all families eating together…they know what each other is allergic to..LAST YEAR..they barely knew each others names!.. THIS IS THE TIME…for them to GEL..last years team meltdown hopefully made them build chemisty..
 my the player that allows them to trade down..STill pick Geno, if that’s Reid wants.. but get another quality pick so it’s not such a reach.. I would try to make a deal with move to #1 we take #4…give us 3rd round (combine that with 2nd pick..that’s two 1st rd picks) or swap our 3rd rd with there 2nd Rd..(that’s two early 2nd rd picks)…it guarantees the Eagles get the best Lineman, because someone could trade up and steal him.. That’s what I would consider..but it depends on Geno at the combine..

  3. JOECKEL or Bust says:

    Whos the Chiefs starting Gs? Asomoah and umm. yea we sorta dont have one. Oh Jeff Allen?…really. So I say whether Albert likes it or not he’s gonna be our NEW starting LG or hes out and get JOECKEL with the 1st pk. Yes “Cool Hand” Luke… Look If youre a true Chief’s fan, like I have PATIENTLY been for 20+ year and have seen some really crappy loses, then you want whats best in the LONG RUN and not just some chance of a quick-fix in QB Geno Smith. Fans, we will ultimately need to beat Colin Keapernick! OK? SO…since I never get what I want. And this also could work since it does seem like Dorsey wants him. Sign Albert. Put him LT where HE wants, damn baby. Trade the 1st pick down 6..maybe more spots. Hopefully we get a 2014 1st rd and a 3rd this year for it. We then get G CHANCE WARMACK…because we NEED one. and he IS the best. Hell, Albert was a G and not NEAR as impressive. Lots of QBs to get in the 3rd or 4th including my new fav EJ MANUE. 6’5″ 240 horse-legged beast. 5th rd taker i bet. Doesnt matter. Plan to lose this year with or without Geno. Get Clowney in 2014 with #1 pk…and Johnny Football the next year. YES Im willing to WAIT for the men that could actually win a SB!

    • Yancey Berry says:

      Albert hasn’t signed is contract yet. Are you going to pay a guard 9 to 10 million a year. Then lie to him to get him to me..San Diego or St. Louis would love to have him..

      DAMN BABY my ASS!! He was worked hard to be where he is.. You expect him to move positions to appease you..How you feel is your boss came to you and said..”I know you have worked hard and are up for a promotion but I’m demoting you because..things aren’t just working out in the department next to you…”

      These player’s have dreams and goals just like everyone else. I see no reason for demeaning a player for sticking to what he has worked for…like him moving to guard automatically send the Chiefs to the promised land.. Paying players for the right position is part of building a team…

      Everybody’s is frustrated with the Chiefs but I think evaluating players with last years terrible coaching is way premature..Jeff Allen never had a chance to excel and mature with poor O-line coach and injuries..Once defenses learned..send 8 players, every play..Cassel doesn’t have the talent to beat was over…5 blocking 8…do the math..

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