Kansas City Chiefs 7 Round 2013 Mock Draft

February 6th, 2013

How would a Geno Smith-DeAndre Hopkins connection sound? (Photo: IPTAY Media)

KCCD Editor: Elliot Dennis

Round 1

Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia 

A lot of people still have the Chiefs selecting Luke Joeckel with the first pick; however, I still believe the opposite. There’s a good bet that whatever quarterback separates himself from the rest will be taken first, and most likely first overall. Geno, based off the tape, is the best signal caller available in this year’s class.

Smith started the 2012 season on fire, including a game against Baylor where he threw for 656 yards and 8 touchdowns. He cooled off in the middle of the year but finished the season off well. He finished the year with a ridiculous 7:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio with over 4200 yards passing.

Round 2

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

The Chiefs are in need of a wide receiver. With Dwayne Bowe’s contract up, there’s doubt that he will return next season. Across from Bowe, the Chiefs haven’t had much help. Jon Baldwin has been a huge bust, Dexter McCluster is only a slot receiver, and all other receivers on the roster don’t amount to much.

“Nuke” Hopkins would be a huge upgrade for the receiving corps and would give Geno a good young weapon to form a rapport with. He was completely dominant this season for Clemson, racking up 82 catches for 1,405 yards and 18 touchdowns. He’d be a real weapon for the Chiefs going forward.

Round 3

Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut

Other than wide receiver and quarterback, cornerback is the Chiefs’ biggest need. Javier Arenas played okay at times this season, but his best position is in the nickel. Jalil Brown is also just an okay player, but isn’t starter worthy. The Chiefs need to find an upgrade here.

Wreh-Wilson had a very solid senior season for the huskies. He totaled 46 tackles, one interception, and nine passes broken up and had a very solid Senior Bowl; solidifying his position atop the 3rd round.

I debated back and forth whether to mock Wreh-Wilson or Leon McFadden here, but I ended up going with the taller Wreh-Wilson at 6’0″. With Brandon Flowers at 5’9″ and Javier Arenas at 5’9″, the Chiefs need a taller corner to line up with taller receivers. Brandon Carr used to take that role, but with him long gone the Chiefs must find a taller cornerback.

Round 4

Kiko Alonso, ILB, Oregon

Alonso could definitely be drafted higher, but inside linebackers tend to not be valued as high so it’s not unreasonable that he could slip to this spot. With the tragic death of Jovan Belcher during the season, the Chiefs have a need at inside linebacker. Brandon Siler is okay, but he’s better as a rotational player. Alonso provides great value and upside near the top of round 4.

Alonso had a breakout season for the Ducks in 2012. He totaled 81 tackles (14 for a loss), four interceptions, one sack, two passes defensed, and two forced fumbles.

Round 5

EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State

The Chiefs get a developmental QB in round 5. The Chiefs need to start fresh at quarterback completely. All three current QBs on the roster shouldn’t be there next year. The Matt Cassel experiment is over, Brady Quinn is Brady Quinn, and if Ricky Stanzi can’t see the field ahead of either of them? That’s all I really need to know about his ability. This is exactly what the Redskins did last season when they drafted RGIII with the second overall pick, then by taking Kirk Cousins in the fourth. Just ask them how that worked out.

EJ Manuel has all the tools to be a good quarterback, but he’s very raw. The Senior Bowl MVP could be a serviceable backup in KC behind Geno Smith. It wouldn’t hurt to draft a developmental guy here.

Round 6

Joe Kruger, DE, Utah

Another position the Chiefs could use some help in would be defensive end. Glenn Dorsey’s contract is up, so there’s a good chance he won’t be with the team anymore. Unless Tyson Jackson agrees to a restructure of his massive rookie contract, he might not be with the team next season either. Help will be needed along the defensive line.

Kruger is a huge guy at 6-7, 280 and seems like a natural fit at 3-4 DE. He had a good season in 2012 for the Utes. He recorded 30 tackles (8 for a loss), six sacks, two forced fumbles, an interception, a blocked kick, and a pass batted down.

And yes, he’s the brother of the Raven’s Paul Kruger.

Round 7

Jarred Holley, S, Pittsburg

The Chiefs get a late round guy with some upside. Holley is a rangy safety with solid instincts. He recorded 75 tackles, two interceptions, and 4 passes broken up this year for the Panthers. He was a solid 3-year starter and could be a good compliment to Eric Berry in the Chiefs defensive backfield.


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15 Responses to “Kansas City Chiefs 7 Round 2013 Mock Draft”

  1. J.H TARBORO says:


  2. boyd says:

    see. i know theres a hIGH % of fans thinkin that if our Oline were healthy. we would have some sort of an impact with GENO blankin SMITH…
    Well as i recall last year the line was pretty heathy from the start. and STILL looked like crap. Argue all you want fool critics out there…the W’s speak for themselves. and as far as QB???
    Id rather get the guy grom F ST. in the 3rd or 4th. Really guys theres alot of late qb talent. Ive already ranted bout Taj…but id take TEDDY BRIDGEWATER as well…………………………………………..
    FACT: this O line we have…yes even with the stupid n1st an 2nd round bust pioli picked….will NEVER win a playoff game…haha you fans DO realize that we havent won a PO game in 2o years. what a joke.
    Time to start right and get Joeckel….and thats no JOECK…hehe you like that morons that dissagree??

    • boyd says:

      check that 2nd an 3rd round BUST…Jeff Allen an Don Suckenston

      • boyd says:

        haha you all this bs talk WILL chage when they dump the pothead Brandon Albert. those lazy no good DT Dorsey and jackson…
        and How in the world can this guy say Baldwin was a BUST?? WHOEVER we had under the so called center had ZERO time to think much less find Baldwin. JB hss skills. just needs an O line to protect enuff to get him the damn ball.

    • chieftiger says:

      Your a MORON!

    • chieftiger says:

      After the second game you MORON we lost are starting center, with caused us to have to move are starting guard to center. AT least do your homework first!!!

  3. Yancey Berry says:

    I personally would rather draft a cornerback in the 2nd (I think Logan Ryan has a great future a head of him)..we have Baldwin, Breaston, McCluster, and Wylie..Plus I think Bowe signs..I really don’t think he gets a better deal outside of KC..Call Baldwin a bust in so premature. The QB play was horrendous..Breaston had at least 700 yards in the last 4 years..he had 75.. Bad coaching all the way around..

    I really doubt if E.J. Manuel makes it out of 3rd RD..probably 2nd.

    • boyd says:

      here here Yancey. Im not sure how much you agree with my bs rants but im likin your ideas.

      • chieftiger says:

        Boyd you seem to be a KC Chief hater. I would bet money you don’t even have season tickets.

        • boyd says:

          you do have season tix? thats pretty dumb. fyi ive been a fan since 91.lived ther since 81. and ive spent thousands of dollars on airline tickes and chiefs tix as i moved from KC in 2000. im sure i truly LOVE the chiefs more than you. and as far as this so called “line” we have…its with to hell since Waters left for the Pats. I quit belieing in Pioli the day he drafted Tyson Jackson…basically the whole 09 draft was crap. Justin Houston is the ONLY player worth a damn the chiefs got. Oh i guess you think Brandon Albert in a SB LT? youre a fool if you believe that. Rodney Hudson? whose bright idea is it to draft a G to turm him a C??? Look dude…we DO need help on the Line. Jon Asomoah is proven. but other than that. WHO DO WE HAVE ON THE OLINE WORTH A DAMN? HUH????

          • boyd says:

            Look. the chiefs suck…NO they will NOT just start winning lots a games and goin to the playoffs like LUCK took the Colts if they get Geno? Is that what you want man? for real… i wanna know who Youd get 1st pick….Is it GENO??? REALLY? And thats just gonna fix it ALL huh…JEEZ MAN!

          • chieftiger says:

            Rodney Hudson played center in college and was rated as the best coming out of college. I’ve had season tickets since 1981 and I love the Chief but also know about them.Move on past Pioli, we are talking about this coming year. And even with a GREAT OL we still need a QB to play behind it, and we won’t get that drafting a QB in the second round. I believe at least 3 QB will be gone by the end of the first round.

          • Yancey Berry says:

            Boyd.. I like a guy has passion even if there are disagreements..If we all thought the same this would be boring.. Just for kicks I’m going to say what i agree with you and the things I see from a different angle..lol

            I want Tajh Boyd! I like Bridgewater and he might have a higher ceiling.. I like the way Boyd runs the game, carries himself..he has that “it” factor..AND this pisses off my brother..”YES” rather I get draft picks and feel the holes for the team build rather than take a shot a Geno..out of desperation.

          • Yancey Berry says:

            Things I look at in a different way..TYSON JACKSON..you have to remember..The Chiefs couldn’t not stop the run at all!! I remember being ecstatic when the opposing team punted and that was because the other team made a mistake. SO was Jackson worth a 3rd overall? Hell..NO..but their hands where tied..No one would trade because of the old rookie scale..(it’s hard to believe they ever let that happen..)..But I think he is starting to come into his own..and ( I think he) changing his contract so they can go for long-term at a down to earth rate.(without being asked).for both sides. SO there might be a happy ending..”might”… AND NOW THE LINE!!

          • Yancey Berry says:

            LINE: First off..Jamaal Charles rushed for !,500 yards when the defense and everybody in the stadium knew he was getting the ball..SO the line did do somethings OK…Next..with the injuries..flip-flop..starting rookies (now that’s football..no excuses but)..LAST year way the WORST coached team I’ve ever seen..And I saw Tampa Bay in 70′s.. The team was SO poorly prepared (on Romeo and Daboll)..with Cassel being unable to make any sort of a play on direst.. Opposing teams just brought 8 men every play..SO it made it impossible for the line to GEL and establish chemistry..JEFF ALLEN never had a chance..5 guys trying to block 8 every play because there was NO threat the Quarterback was going make a play under pressure even with only two DB”s..WHO”S FAULT..(the OL coach for not teaching the right reads..even after it happened SUN)..Jim Zorn will probably never work again..QB COACH..my ass..BIG FAULT is Pioli for NOT having quality/vet depth at line
            ..Ryan Lilja was suppose to be tutering him but how can he when he is learning a new position..I think after everybody is healthy they will GEL and build chemistry..One good thing is.. usually going through disheartening season and all the adversity..some bonds and continuity hopefully have started.. just a thought..

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