Leon Sandcastle: New Front-runner to be Taken 1st Overall?

February 5th, 2013

How could the Chiefs pass up a talent like Leon Sandcastle? (Photo: NFL Network)

KCCD Editor: Elliot Dennis

It seems that a new front-runner has emerged for the 1st overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft. The 4.2 40-running, 12′ long-jumping phenom looks like an ugly Deion Sanders and looks like an elite prospect that Chiefs fans are wanting. Unfortunately this is too good to be true for Chiefs fans. This year’s NFL Network Super Bowl ad depicted a disguised Deion Sanders trying to become the next rookie phenom.

In a year where there is no elite prospect that is worthy of the first overall selection, a player of Deion Sanders stature would sound exceptional. 

The fact is: there just aren’t any top flight players worth taking first. Luke Joeckel? Not a huge need. Star Lotulelei? Hit and miss. Geno Smith? Best quarterback, but not considered a top tier talent. Defensive end? Wouldn’t help the Chiefs much. Of the positions the Chiefs need the most (QB, CB, and WR), none are considered “elite” talents worth taking first overall. But hey, Sandcastle would be a possible shutdown corner…

A trade down could be possible, with the Chiefs taking a quarterback or cornerback later in the top-10. A talent like Dee Milliner or selecting a possible franchise QB in Geno Smith or Tyler Wilson later in the draft could serve the Chiefs well. But are there really any players that other teams would covet so heavily to trade up to #1 overall for? It’s a very unlikely scenario that is not expected to happen.

The Chiefs picked a very bad year to be bad. For the first time in years, we might not have any clue of who the first player chosen will be until his name is announced by Commissioner Goodell on draft day. The first pick very well might not be a rookie “phenom” for the first time since Matt Stafford in 2009 (bad rookie year).

A good bet will be that this draft will end up very similar to the 2011 draft. Every QB was taken unnecessarily high and the 1st player selected was the QB that showed he was the top QB in the draft class. We could very possibly see Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, Matt Barkley, Mike Glennon, and Ryan Nassib all drafted in round 1. Quarterback needy teams are getting desperate. With the potential showed by the quarterbacks selected in last year’s draft, it will only make NFL executives take more risks in drafting franchise QBs.

The pressure is on Kansas City to find the next great player for this franchise now. It’s unfortunate for the Chiefs that a player of Leon Sandcastle’s ability isn’t reality this in this year’s draft.


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