Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp: Day 9 Notes

August 3rd, 2013

If you weren’t in attendance for Family Fun Day at Chiefs Training Camp, read on to see what you missed.

KCCD Editor; Jason Madson


We are seeing more and more or Dontari Poe at the end position and Mike DeVito inside. After watching this formation, it was evident that Poe can do some serious damage from the end position. He is a disruptive force when he stays lower and latches on to an offensive lineman. Pretty much has his way with them. The defense showed other formations, too. Again, with both DE’s (Tyson Jackson and Mike DeVito) on the same side and Dontari Poe shading the center on the other side. Derrick Johnson and Justin Houston lined up as basically standing 3 and 5 techniques in this scenario. Another formation we saw again was Allen Bailey as the lone defensive lineman in what I believe was a 0ne technique. Behind him was Houston and Hali outside, Derrick Johnson roaming around and 7 defensive backs.

Husain Abdullah didn’t practice today. He is sidelined by an injured groin. Other defenders that are injured include Mike Catapano and Malcolm Brunson. Running back Cyrus Gray and OL Tommie Draheim are also on the sidelines with injuries.

Taking advantage of Abdullah’s absence were: Tysyn Hartman and Quintin Demps. Each made multiple plays in today’s practice. Tysyn is an excellent tackler and Quintin Demps is a big hitter that performs better than expected in coverage.

Pretty sure it’s a good sign, but Sean Smith didn’t see much action at camp, today. He was only tested a couple times today. Batting the ball away on one pass and leaping in the air on another. When he jumped the ball barely went over his fingertips for a TD completion to Dexter McCluster. He is a press coverage cornerback and he’s starting to show this in practice.

Justin Houston is having an excellent camp. He looks good in coverage and of course rushing the passer. A few rushes vs Eric Fisher, he ran past him the rookie with ease. Working against one of the leagues best is a great way for Fisher to improve.

It’s to the point in practice where regular spectators have a feeling who will win in each matchup. It’s time for this group to take out some aggression on another team. The Saints game next Friday will be a great test and change of scenery for this entire team.

Under-the-radar guys that have impressed thru the first week of practice on defense: Vince Agnew, Miguel Chavis, Ridge Wilson and Greg Castillo.

Agnew is next in line as the “nickel”cornerback after Dunta Robinson. Agnew has performed well and continues to work his way up the depth chart. He is physical and has good timing when the ball arrives to the receiver.  Chavis is strong, mean and quicker than he looks. He often lines his teammates up in proper position on the front line. Chavis takes reps at nose tackle and defensive end. Ridge Wilson isn’t extremely talented, but he has skills that this team could use. Ridge can rush the passer and looks better than advertised in coverage. Castillo is all over the place, making plays. Watching him in individual drills, he uses quick hips to change direction and get to the ball. He’s got a good shot to make this team.

The defense struggled a bit today, at least compared to other practices. Overall, though, they were still performing at a high level.

Watching every practice this week, I’m still not convinced we have seen everything from Eric Berry. He is being used in at least 4 different spots, but I can see more. When in the sub-packages, Berry is usually up on the line next to a defensive end, ready to blitz, play the run or press the tight end.

Akeem Jordan is much better at covering a receiver than Nico Johnson. Jordan flips his hips and turns to cover the target. Nico takes a while before he clicks it on and heads to where he’s going. Nico did put a huge pop on Jamaal Charles in the team portion. Backup LB Zac Diles also made a nice play on Jamaal, tackling the running back around his knees.

Tyson Jackson, Dontari Poe and Mike DeVito are the obvious starts, but who is behind them?

My roster prediction will be posted later this upcoming week, but if you follow me on twitter or read this site regularly, You know how much I like Chavis, but, will he make the final cut? Austen Lane and Marcus Dixon are two more at the end position that could push for a spot. The battle between Jerrell Powe and Anthony Toribio should come down to the wire, even though I saw Powe and Toribio taking snaps next to each other at a few points in camp.

Edgar Jones had another solid day at camp. At one point, he sacked the QB for a safety, Throwing his hands up, similar to the way DT did when he would get a safety.


Another solid day for the Chiefs offense. The practice began with a long strike from Alex Smith to Dexter McCluster for a TD. This type of play happened multiple times. Whether it was Smith, Daniel or Bray. Stanzi didn’t take many snaps, again today.

Smith, looking better with his throws, still held on to the ball for entirely too long. He gets indecisive with his reads when his first one disappears. The Chiefs coaches were lenient with the whistle today, as the pass rush had a few more “sacks” than they were given credit for. Smith used the pump fake more times today than I’ve seen in all the other practices. This helped him move defenders or pause them in their tracks, leading to a few wide-open receivers. Alex also showed some nice wheels today in a few snaps near the goal line. This could be a part of the game plan the Chiefs could utilize in certain situations.

Chase Daniel had a good day, too. Leading receivers, hitting them in stride and taking the time to make the correct read. He is borderline holding on to the ball too long as well. Tyler Bray had his moments today, about all you can expect from an UDFA. The most memorable part of Ricky Stanzi’s day was an underthrown ball that was picked off by McIlwain.

Drops are a concern for Jamaal Charles thus far in camp. He is a huge part of this offense with the screen plays and other short passes. He is good for at least one dropped ball per practice. He does look like an All-Pro when he takes the handoff and weaves thru traffic with ease.

Knile Davis is starting to figure out his role as a big back. He ran with power today, lowering his shoulder into the first defender, not going down on first and mostly second contact. The coaches did get on him about picking up his feet when he runs, after an ankle tackle by Derrick Johnson. He caught every ball thrown his way out of the backfield, also.

Shaun Draugh continues to battle for that second team running back job. He doesn’t have the natural skills or body that Knile Davis carries, but his effort makes up for it. Speaking of bodies, Jordan Roberts looks like a player you would create on Madden. Muscles from his head to his toes.

The Wide Receivers and Tight Ends had good showing’s today.

Dwayne Bowe made a couple highlight reel catches. Junior Hemingway was back to catching everything thrown at him. Jon Baldwin dropped one ball that I saw, but also made a few nice grabs. Baldwin looks to be giving a lost more effort in this year’s camp. If Devon Wylie could consistently catch the football, he’d be a weapon. Problem is, he drops a third of the passes thrown his way. Donnie Avery made a few nie plays, getting behind the defenders for big gains.

Travis Kelce had another great day, with the exception of a few lazy block attempts. After one catch on a drag route, he ran it in to the endzone, high stepping. Pretty awesome sight from the rookie. Anthony Fasano had one of his best day’s at camp, blocking and catching passes. He even got into a little fight with Edgar Jones after a play. Tony Moeaki is making this decision difficult for the Chiefs coaches. He stretches the field from multiple positions.

The offensive line had a better day today, but still not meeting expectations. Branden Albert is having a good camp, which continued today, Eric Fisher struggled a few reps vs Justin Houston, but otherwise performed well. One play Fisher engaged Tysyn Hartman, saw Vince Agnew blitzing and blocked Hartman into him. Really not sure what to think of Jon Asamoah. He has some really bad showings throughout every practice. Would like to see Geoff Schwartz take his or Jeff Allen’s spot. Newly signed OL Rokevious Watkins might not be on the roster long. He looks slow and out of shape.

 Special Teams

Dexter McCluster and Devon Wylie were back deep returning kicks to end today’s practice. They each took a rep as returners.



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