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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Dennis

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Due to current draft order, Clowney lands atop this mock. (Photo: Kim Klement, USA Today Sports)

KCCD Editor: Elliot Dennis

Alright everybody, here it is: the first edition of my 2014 mock draft. I’ll be using NEPD‘s draft order every week that I do this, which can be seen here.


2014 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Toledo vs. Mizzou (Halftime Thoughts)

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson


#1 WR Bernard Reedy

Halftime Thoughts: Not involved with the offense much, yet. Exploded for huge gain on a punt return.

#2 QB Terrance Owens

Halftime Thoughts: Hitting his running back, Fluellen, more than anybody. Always throwing on the run. His feet are rarely set when he makes the throw. Could use his mobility more than he has in the first half.

#11 CB Cheatham Norrils*

Halftime Thoughts: Big bodied cornerback. Not afraid to come up and tackle. Has not been tested much early.

#15 DE Jayrone Elliott

Halftime Thoughts: Pass rushing specialist. Standing up, he gets up field hard and fast in passing situations. Beat Mizzou LT Justin Britt for a big sack on 3rd and long. Impressed with Elliott, so far.

#21 SS Ross Madison

Halftime Thoughts: Has been picked on early in this game by Franklin and Washington. Solid tackler after the catch, though.

#22 RB David Fluellen

Halftime Thoughts: Excellent in open field, soft hands and very good after the catch. He hasn’t picked up many yards at all rushing the ball, though.

#67 C Zac Kerin

Halftime Thoughts: His game is all about leverage. He gets under his man and pushes them out of the hole. Could anchor better in pass pro.


#1 QB James Franklin

Halftime Thoughts: Performance isn’t going as well as last week vs Murray State. Has a couple overthrows and an ugly interception. But, he has flashed some good zip, accuracy and anticipation. Ends the half with a nice series, capped it off with a beautiful fade to DGB for the score.

#6 OW Marcus Murphy*

Halftime Thoughts: Not really involved, fielded 2 grounders on punt returns. One of which was nearly a disaster, needs to get away from it. Also brought a kickoff out of the end zone when he was 6 yards deep. Didn’t make it back to the 20.

#20 RB Henry Josey*

Halftime Thoughts: Not much going on with Josey in the first half, besides a goal line TD.

#31 CB EJ Gaines

Halftime Thoughts: Not much action coming his way. Tipped ball into air to end first half scoring threat.

#47 DE Kony Ealy*

Halftime Thoughts: Getting decent pressure from different techniques on the line. Toledo gets rid of the ball quickly.

#48 LB Andrew Wilson

Halftime Thoughts: Made a couple huge defensive plays. One on third and long, the other on the goal line.

#52 DE Michael Sam

Halftime Thoughts: Not much to report here.

#56 DE Shane Ray

Halftime Thoughts: Using his speed to get upfield on the left tackle. QB is stepping up to where he vacated. Did get good pressure on a few snaps.

#68 LT Justin Britt

Halftime Thoughts: Having a good half, minus a sack on 3rd and long. He is impressing with his footwork and the timing of his punches. Most plays he is erasing the rusher.

2014 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Murray State vs. Mizzou

Thursday, September 5th, 2013


KCCD was in attendance for this blowout by Mizzou. Check out what we saw from the press box. (Photo: RockMNation)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

First game of the college football season for me was a trip to Columbia, MO. The University of Missouri showed off a brand new press box, which is a huge improvement over the old version. The product on the field looks improved as well. The Tigers being fully healthy has something to do with that. Check out my thoughts on a few players from Mizzou, as well as Murray State, inside.


Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp: Day 9 Notes

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

If you weren’t in attendance for Family Fun Day at Chiefs Training Camp, read on to see what you missed.

KCCD Editor; Jason Madson


Kansas City Chiefs 2013 Draft: Reaction and Grade

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Eric Fisher is the centerpiece of the Chiefs 2013 NFL Draft class. (Photo: Yahoo Sports)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

After 3 days, the 2013 NFL Draft is over. The picks are made and most undrafted free agents have been scooped up or offered tryouts. The Chiefs selected eight players and brought in another 20+ undrafted free agents. Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid mentioned in the post draft press conference that he wanted to have a two-deep roster at the rookie only mini camp, which is coming up soon. They definitely went after free agents aggressively, almost bringing his want to reality. This draft will be remembered for three reasons: Eric Fisher over Luke Joeckel, keeping Branden Albert and the Chiefs not selecting a QB. Below are my thoughts and a very early grade on the 2013 NFL Draft.


Chiefs Take Mike Catapano

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

The Chiefs use their last selection on an Ivy League defensive end. (Photo: Beverly Schaefer)

KCCD Editor: Elliot Dennis

With the first selection in round seven, the 207th overall, the Kansas City Chiefs select Mike Catapano, defensive end out of Princeton.

Read on to hear my thoughts on the Catapano selection.


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