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Best Players Available For The Chiefs In Rounds 4-7

Saturday, April 27th, 2013


Tyler Wilson should be in the Chiefs plans very soon. (Photo: Danny Johnston)

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

Twitter last night was abuzz with thoughts on the Chiefs selections of Kelce and Davis. Most liked the TE, but disliked the RB pick. Now, everyone’s thoughts have shifted to who is next for the Chiefs. A good number that I saw think it is time for a QB (Barkley, Wilson and Nassib being mentioned the most) while others want a WR, ILB, S or help along the DL. With 5 picks remaining, the Chiefs could select one of each. The list of available players is quite impressive, so the Chiefs could even field offers for their pick in round 4, adding more selections this year, or a 2014 pick. If they do decide to make the pick, below is a list of players at certain position that the Chiefs should target.


KCCD Prospect Watching Open Thread: Week 6

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Jake Knott and AJ Klein dare you to comment in this thread! (Photo:

KCCD Editor: Jason Madson

This is the spot to make any comments you want about today’s games and prospects. If you see something we didn’t or feel differently about a prospect, let us know! I’ll be commenting all day, so should you. Enjoy your college football Saturday. Head inside for the interactions.


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