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2013 NFL Draft Cornerback Breakdown: Dee Milliner

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Would the Chiefs draft Milliner? (Photo: AP File)

KCCD Staff Writer: Jon Hake 

Chiefs Need: Moderate / High

Brandon Flowers is one of my favorite NFL corners but the fact is he is only 5’ 9”. Javier Arenas shows very good potential as a nickel corner and backup outside corner, but again, he is only 5’ 9”. Jalil Brown shows solid backup potential, especially for a 4th rounder, but he doesn’t seem like a true lockdown corner. Dee Milliner is a true shutdown corner, or at least has that potential. Having Milliner opposite Flowers would cause a real problem for opposing QBs trying to get the ball out before Hali/Houston get to them.


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