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Defensive Dilemmas: Tight End Trouble

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

It’s a two tight end league now. (Photo: Rick Schultz, Getty Images)

KCCD Staff Writer: Sam Mitchell

The NFL is a matchup driven league, and everyone knows it.  Succeeding in the NFL is about finding players who can win battles against their opponents, and putting those players in position to do just that.  If your wide receiver can beat the corner across from him, and the quarterback can get him the ball, you’re going to make a play.  If your three technique defensive tackle has the quickness to shoot past the opponent’s offensive guard, you have the chance to disrupt the quarterback or make a stop in the backfield.

This is a simple concept, but finding players to create these mismatches is the challenge that personnel departments face every day.  NFL teams spend countless resources and hours trying to identify the players that will pose challenges for the other team.


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